The power of doubt.

This June, I often did yoga and meditated to be empty. To be empty, we need to feel rather than think. We need to use our whole body which is subtle, rather than our brain which is just a part of our body.

After we can feel through our whole body as dancers do, we need to tune ourselves to a higher level of energy which is sometimes called God or something great.

To memorize those high energies via my physical body, I went to Oharano Shrine in Kyoto, Shirahige Shrine in Shiga and Kasuga Taisha shrine in Nara in June. Each shrine has different high energies. I’m flowering the subtleties of my body and this is a very interesting process. Because it happens invisibly. I need to be more humble .

Feeling something is very different than imagining something. But we sometimes mix them. Now I feel that I am able to know the positive side of the power of doubt. I have doubted myself and I am becoming humbler. It never gets me down. It just opens my eyes.

Doubt helps me to be empty. Doubt guides me to feel more correctly. I am in a loving process. And I want to invite you into this process, too.