Nuggets of Wisdom for the Ears

In my area, the rainy season has started earlier than usual. We have lost the usual delicious weather of typical May. Rainfall has continued for a week on green and small hydrangeas which means nature is not ready for the yearly rainy season. I often hear the sirens blaring to signal the release of water from dams.

Under such circumstances, I needed to stay home. So I listened to a lot of podcasts. Listening to podcasts is one of the easiest ways to learn English, because we can do it while cleaning our room or doing some stretches. Listening to the top news in different countries was very interesting and they tell me about a variety of political situations.

And in one of the most interesting programs they were talking about some tips on how to learn English for non-native English speakers through the lens of experts. What I remember is the following two tips. One is “You will never be a native English speaker, accept it!” I laughed! And another one is, “Learning English is doing, not knowing.” I nodded a lot.

Also in other podcasts, there were great nuggets of wisdom such as, “Humor comes from truth” and, “To write well, read texts of economists, because they write it clearly and simply.” I never thought that I could read economists’ writings to write well. I really want to do it. Rainy days which made me stay home opened a lot of doors to live richly.

If You Have Loved Ones Who Are Girls or Women

I’ve started reading a book called “From Outrage to Courage: The Unjust and Unhealthy Situation of Women in Poorer Countries and What They Are Doing about It” written by Anne Firth Murray. Under the world affected by COVID-19 for over a year, I wanted to have a wider lens to see myself and the world. Even if we can’t go far away, we can have an adventure with many new lenses to see the world objectively.

At first, I was very impressed by Anne’s presence because she looked someone who walks the talk. She has devoted her life to supporting women’s human rights. And she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. So her words touched my heart, even if they are just describing some data like “79% of females over the age of fifteen are literate.”

And also when I read her observations about the “son preference,” I cried. The preference for sons over daughters exists both in my family, my mothers’ family and many coaching clients’ families. I was very familiar with it through my work. In the first chapter, she wrote “their births are all too often something more to be endured than to be celebrated.” When I read this sentence, I said “Yes”. Objectively, Japan is not a poor country but the “son preference” still exists and I witness it almost every day in my life. And this issue is deeply related to sexual trauma.

I just finished 10 percent of this brilliant book, but I can recommend it to you, if you have loved ones who are women or girls. We can see many things around women not only from the perspective of the social and economic system but also from human rights and many more. It will help you to love your loved ones more. And Anne’s dignity which is shown in her writings is also worthy of being respected as a way of living for all humans.

Crystal Clear State of Being

I love to create and keep a crystal clear state of being in me. I think that it is a prerequisite step to live in happiness.

And for that, recently I started to listen to podcasts. When I listen to university lectures, I can organize what I already know and get some new concepts to deepen it. Metaphorically speaking, blindly swimming in the ocean is different from swimming in the ocean with maps and life-saving equipment.

In addition, I began to listen to English and French conversation programs on the radio. Briefly, they offer live and real English and French conversation which are incomparably better than 30 years ago. I am glad to find great progress in English and French education. I felt that it gave me more options to keep on studying them. Also they complement what I could not learn well as if to fill in the blanks.

This spring those audio resources help me to be crystal clear. How about you?

Everything Includes Fun

Because of the roller coaster weather, I got three different skin lotions. One of them includes gotu kola herbs which became popular last year in Japan. This herb looks like butterbur and has been used as medical herbs in Asia. And I feel that this helps me a lot.

Before, I used to use only one lotion. And it was enough for me. But the current sudden change of humidity and strong ultraviolet rays made me consider more options about my skin care. And actually it is fun like a science

Our daily life is always filled with trial and error. From that point of view, every moment is always an experiment. So it is important to try it with a hypothesis and prove or deduce it with fun. Everything includes fun, doesn’t it?

New Study

I am living in an area which is far from the ocean. So a variety of sea colors aren’t in my daily life. Unfortunately, I have no knowledge of understanding the colors. And when I talked to people who live near the ocean, they sometimes sense climate change from its changing colors.

But after I saw “Seaspiracy” this March, I was awakened as if I were an uprooted old stump. I still cannot see the daily sea colors from my place. So I started to search how the ocean is. Because currently I rarely buy fish in a supermarket, I doubted the eco certification mark which authenticates sustainability.

As far as I know, fish labels are allowed to use ocean-fresh fishery harbor names if it meets some conditions in Japan. And as “Seaspiracy” pointed out, illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing has an unseen slavery system. 13 to 31 percent of all fish caught this way. Something which happens on the ocean can be easily hidden.

And also, fishes are injured or are killed from the loud noises of fishing like massive internal injuries by shock wave. I never thought about it. So this was a shocking thing to find out. And ocean acidification is urgently needed to be solved. According to the Japanese Meteorological Institute, it is also serious in Japanese coastal waters. Can you imagine swimming in lemon juice?

Marine pollution has impacted climate change greatly. So I will keep on studying for the ocean and will start something good this spring. Did you start studying for something new this spring?

Craving Connection Causes Disconnection

I saw a movie, “The Game Changers”. According to that, vitamin B12 is basically included only in animal foods. So we need vitamin B12 supplements. But if so, how did our ancestors manage?

The most impactful facts which this movie taught me was that our ancestors took vitamin B12 from the soil which was attached to vegetables and river water. Now our pesticide-treated way kills bacteria in the soil. So not only humans but also livestock need vitamin B12 supplements. Regardless of a plant based diet or animal food diet, 39% of people need more vitamin B12. This is a clear example which craving creates disconnection.

And the opposite way of living is sustainable and ethical living. If we can make Earth back to normal, we don’t need to buy vitamin B12 supplements. And now most of us see many kinds of viruses like enemies. But from the point of view of the Earth, viruses helped biological evolution.

Through the position of Earth, it seems that we are still craving as if we are in before industrial revolution. We always say that connection is important and we need it more. We are craving connection and that attitude makes disconnection. It’ so stupid, isn’t it?

And now we became like archaebacteria for Earth. What do you think about it?

Serenade for String Orchestra in C Major Op.48

On a terrible roller coaster weather day, I felt physically challenged. At that moment, I needed to walk from the nearest station to my house. I thought that I needed some music which would preserve the energy that was still left in me. I do not mean that I pushed myself with music like a military march. It meant that I tried to harmonize myself as if I guarded fire from a strong wind. And I had no music on my iPhone, so I tried to remember some music which helped me before.

One such music was “Serenade for String Orchestra in C Major Op. 48” composed by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky. It was used in “Serenade” which is a ballet choreographed by George Balanchine. And I love it, so I knew this music. When I remember this music, I also remember the movements of the ballet dancers and the colorful lighting on the stage, as if I could enjoy the performance now.

After I came home, I started to search in my head to find other such music that had a similar impact on me. And I remembered the “Holberg Suite” which I often listened to last year. And also I remembered “Morning Mood” which is a part of Edvard Grieg’s “Peer Gynt, Op. 23” which was the morning music in my elementary days. When I was in a bad mood, this music washed it away. The music made me recall the schoolyard and a clock which was attached to the front of the elementary school building. All of these musical pieces also helped to create inner harmony.

Last year, I listened to a variety of performances of the “Holberg Suite”. Depending on the musicians and directors, the feelings of the sounds changed from soft linen towels to crisp cotton shirts. We can explore an abundant world through one musical piece. Exposing me to a range of choices made me feel as if I was feeling a nice wind. Its feeling invited me to new senses as if I could be Mary Poppins.

When we can find music which create an inner harmony, we can naturally move forward without having a game face. So when you want to move forward, you need neither carrots which represent rewards nor stick which symbolize stimulation. We just need to live in harmony. And for me, the best music to harmonize in me up until now, has been “Serenade for String Orchestra in C Major Op.48.”

Take A Deep Breath and Be in High Spirits

There is a heating process while making soy sauce. And I did it during my New Year holidays. When we make it at home, we also can enjoy main fermenting mashes, which is called “moromi,” as a bonus. It smells so good. According to the article about soy sauce, “moromi” includes roses and tropical fruits as fragrance components.

And this fantastic experience brought me back to the world of bacteria and fungi. Recently I was attracted by Danish furniture designs. But the microscopic world turned my perspective from design to functions. I rememberd that I hadn’t been to wholesale stores for years.

I loved to go there because I could see rare tools. And those tools taught me my blinds spots. So I started to check websites which were kind of wholesale stores. For example I saw a small cooking tool which can clean the fish innards. And the variety of laundry machines were very different from the usual shopping websites like Amazon. There are a lot of functional tools for professionals. There are more options than reorganizers like Marie Kondo suggests. And I felt that I was encouraged and took a deep breath.

I will check more wholesale stores for professionals proactively from now on to take a deep breath and be in high spirits.

Knowledge is Freedom

Today, I walked around as is my habit. And I saw neatly mowed wild grass. A few of patches of wild grass were still there but they were wilting.

Recently, I walked in the city to run my errands. So when I started to walk towards the mountains after a few weeks, I was surprised by the short wild grasses along the rice fields. It seemed that the world was suddenly painted brown.

But it was just my first impression. In a minute, I found three different yellow flowers in a brown world. Their petals were almost closed because it was in the evening. But I knew that they were not the same flowers by using an app. And it gave me joy. Also I felt that knowledge was power.

I have felt that knowledge is power through my job training this year. This year I asked clinical therapists who have worked over 20 years to share their knowledge. Basically we coaches don’t need to know details about mental sickness. What we need to know is whether clients need to be healed or fixed.

But clients need some kind of guide to find a good doctor, and for that I actually need details about mental sickness as if I worked in a hospital. So I have read a lot of books and articles regarding that. But it was difficult to understand it clearly as I experienced it. So this year clinical therapists gave me a lot of knowledge and it is more helpful than I imagined. I know that a little knowledge is dangerous. But this year they are standing back as if they have my back. This gave me freedom.

I thought like when I saw the three different yellow flowers. Knowledge gave me freedom. How have you been getting your freedom?

What Gives You Dignity?

We can find fun both in a city and in nature. But have you ever thought about what gives you dignity or richness in humanity or your inner strength?

We can enjoy both an imaginary world and reality. Which gives you dignity or richness in humanity or your inner strength?

I think that we always get our strength or dignity or wealth in humanity from the real world, especially in nature. Because in nature, we need to confront our reality and respond to it quickly. In a city or in the imaginary world, we can avoid confronting what is happening now.

I feel that COVID-19 pushes us to the imaginary world or into a city. But now we need our strength, dignity and richness in humanity. It is time to confront the reality to find the greatness in you.

“A Second Spring”

Currently I am enjoying a colorful world around me. As Camus once remarked, “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

As for autumn leaves, I prefer plane trees more than maple trees which are instagrammable. For me, the colors of autumn plane trees look more sophisticated and make me imagine the sounds of Keith Jarrett. So I feel that it gives me a variety of beauty.

And actually my favorite autumn leaves are not on trees. Fortunately, I can find varieties of wild grasses during my walks. And some of their leaves turn. Their red or yellow leaves are more harmonized in nature. Their colors exist but they never appear so suddenly to me like maple trees in a city. I feel that their harmonic way of being makes them more beautiful.

It also shows a definition of beauty for me. We are allowed to feel a variety of beauty. And what kind of beauty is most attractive to you? How do you enjoy your second spring?

Open Your Heart Bigger.

These days the temperature drops down to two degrees. So early morning walks require winter clothes. But we have a high of 19 degrees. So after sunrise, the temperature goes up sharply.

The sun rises at 6:20. So when I go out at around 6 o’clock, I can enjoy the winter world. Plants and flowers are covered with morning dew which are frosty. They look so sharp.

But after 7 o’clock, their morning dew loses its beauty. Because as the temperature goes up, they become soaking wet like after a heavy rain. Their appearance loses their sharpness. And after 7:40, they lose most of the morning dew and everything looks all painted as autumn.

Also currently I can find the impact of climate change in the sky. It’s the first time I’ve seen a flock of black-eared kites over the mountains. I can hear their cries at all hours.

As just described, I enjoy what is the change in my daily life as a part of the Earth. When we take back a sense of a part of all life, we naturally decrease fear against any kinds of changes.

Especially in the EU, the COVID-19 situation looks serious. But before pouring your energy into growing your fear, you should feel nature through your window or even during your meals. When you open your heart, you will take back your subtlety of your body, and it guides you to be a part of all life.

A gift from COVID-19

COVID-19 has made us stay in place. What did it bring to you?

For me, I think that it helped me to grow my ability to be insightful. My energy for moving before was used for seeing details and going deep inside. Also my energy for moving before turned into some space to acknowledge myself.

I realized what I really achieved. This will be my tool for next year.

What was your gift from COVID-19?

Suddenly the Ordinary has become Extraordinary

This year I started to pay attention to the ground while walking. And I was amazed at how much the ground was filled with flowers.

This autumn, I realized that I could find garlic chives everywhere, even in parking lots. Or at least it looked like garlic chives. But was I right? This question was my starting point to be passionate about field flowers.

One day, one of my friends shared an app which uses AI to identify the exact names of plants. So I downloaded it onto my iPhone while walking. I just needed to pass my iPhone camera over the plants.

I remember the first moment I used it, because it showed a lot of names one after another through my iPhone camera. I felt like Helen Keller. Suddenly I could know many names and those names opened a new world to me. Suddenly the ordinary became extraordinary.

And the plant which was similar to garlic chives was actually another kind of plant which we cannot eat. However I could find many medicinal plants near my house. And some of them were rare. I also find very toxic plants which are common here. And some leaves were used to make kimonos in ancient times. It is still used for making kimonos. That was surprising!

COVID-19 helps me stay in this land and open a new door to me.

New Sensations

This summer, I started to use silk pajamas. Before, I occasionally bought silk clothes. But some of them were made of low quality silk. And some of them were outfits which did not touch my skin so much. So I prefered cotton and linen.

But one day, my mom gave me a big silk scarf. And it seemed to melt under my touch. And when I read a book written by a professional laundryman, I learned that I could wash them using ordinary powdered soap, not a special soap for silk. So I could step into a new sensations from silk pajamas.

And on the first silk night, I was so surprised by its sensations. It was as if I were part silk or I got new skin. And the next morning, I got dressed and wore cotton clothes. Again, I was surprised by its feeling. Because I was clearly separate from cotton and I had my old usual skin. I lost a feeling of being a part of something. I felt that as if the cotton clothes declared, “Here is your boundary. And I am cotton which is not you.”

From that night, my sleep quality improved. And I am still surprised. It makes me want to buy more silk clothes this autumn.

New Preparations for Between the Seasons

As we feel climate change in our daily life, we are exposed to many quick changes like two typhoons a week in Okinawa. We need to change our perspective about seasonal preparations.

From that point of view, I recommend some exercise to keep your upper body flexible. Because extremely hot weather is a burden on our respiratory system we miss out on a smooth transition from summer to autumn. In addition, we often go back and forth between over 35 degrees outdoors to around 20 degree indoors. It makes our back stiff.

Even if we have four clear seasons and the slow seasons’ transitions, we have a tendency to have decreased mobility between each rib in autumn. So I think that having a flexible upper body will help your autumn be healthy and comfortable.

When the temperature falls below 33 degrees, I start to do Yoga during the daytime in addition to the nighttime. And it really helps to get back my flexibility.  After we lose the slow transition in our daily life, we always need such preparations as a part of our daily life. Maybe it is part of “The New Normal”.

Support and Be Supported.

I love small shops which sell their original products and were established a hundred years ago. When I find such shops, I passionately support them as much as I can.

And Gekkoso in Ginza is one of those shops; .They sell their original art supplies, postcards and related goods. They also have a cafe and an art gallery.

When I lived in Tokyo, I sometimes stopped by. Gekkoso helped make art accessible to me. It has a unique charm not a soulless chain store like Sekaido. Gekkoso’s products are friendly like small birds which chirp. So I am not overwhelmed by them and can move towards art. They always help me awaken my passion for art even if I am not good at it.

And today I finally bought an art set. Before buying it, I researched the appropriate thickness of paper suitable for each drawing media. And I became confused and stuck. Then I remembered Gekkoso and its friendly atmosphere. Gekkoso was a friend who guided me to somewhere I wanted to go.

The heat wave doesn’t allow me to go out, so I will dive into art and connect with something beautiful through my inner world. Now I am supported by Gekkoso which I support.

Caution About Your Manic State

In Japan, we have extremely hot weather like over 40 degrees. And such irregular circumstances sometimes leads us to both a depressive state and a manic state.

A manic state is especially sometimes assessed as being internally motivated. And such a mode makes us overlook heat stroke. For example, when you walk a lot in 40 degree weather you do not
recognize your fatigue. You mistake the fatigue for the result of a workout. And even if you feel a bit of muscle pain as a symptom of heat stroke, you start to think that it is because of exercise.

Amazingly, many media report that many people walk without hats and parasols under such deadly heat. It seems that some people believe the power of a handy electric fan. But the fan does not cool you down. Hot wind irritates our respiratory system.

What we need is, to simply take a rest and admit, “I am exhausted.” Being honest is the easiest way to stay healthy.

“Yes, I Know!”

Have you ever replied to someone, “Yes, I know! I just got started.” In this sentence, “I know!” is your consciousness.

And sometimes, we cannot do something which we consciously want to start. For example, when you want to sleep, as you focus on sleeping, you will resist sleeping. Another example is, when you try to do something well, as you focus on doing it well, you resist doing it well.

These are examples of how your consciousness contains your unconsciousness. And it means an imbalance between your consciousness and unconsciousness.

This imbalance also makes you feel pressed for time everyday and thinking like you are spinning in the air. I’m sure that many of you are already familiar with this feeling.

To harmonize your consciousness with your unconsciousness, you need to be beyond understanding.

For example, when I was walking fast in a shady area in Paris, one person blocked my way. And she said something to me in a small voice. It was already dark so I was rushing to the nearest subway station. But I slowed down and asked her to repeat what she said. Her answer was, “manger!” (I am hungry so I need something to eat). But I was also very hungry and exhausted. So I replied to her “me, too” in French. She looked so surprised and blew away like the wind.

I assume now that maybe she was homeless. If I thought that she were homeless, my attitude would have changed. If we can go beyond our assumptions, we can use our unconsciousness and get back to harmony between consciousness and unconsciousness. And unconsciousness always shows us beautiful thoughts, like we are equally human.

Hopelessly Lost?

When we feel desperation, we are open to the temptation of embracing gloom or giving in to the dark. It is a hard time but full of seeds of hope.

One day, I was in such a situation. I was urged to see a movie, “Mary Poppins Returns,” which I read in my childhood, and I saw it. As you know, literature for children is basically full of wisdom. And we adults need it more than children.

And this movie reminds me of some wisdom which was already in me, as this song “Trip a Little Light Fantastic ” will show you in the next paragraph.

“So when life is getting dreary
Just pretend that you’re a leerie(=lamplighters)
As you trip a little light fantastic with me

Now when you’re stuck in the mist, sure
You can struggle and resist or
You can trip a little light fantastic with me
Now say you’re lost in the crowd, well
You can stamp and scream out loud or
You can trip a little light fantastic with me
And when the fog comes rolling in, just
Keep your feet upon the path
Mustn’t mope and frown or worse, lie down
Don’t let it be your epitaph

So when life is getting scary, be your own illuminary
Who can shine their light for all the world to see
As you trip a little light fantastic with me.”

We are always living in balance. So when we really see desperation without hiding it in front of you, automatically your unconsciousness will show you the most beautiful scene for you. It means that if you try to push the cow into the truck, you won’t succeed. But if you pull the tail, it will run into the truck.

Therefore, if you want to follow the light, just see the worst scene which has no light nor meaning. So you automatically find hope and follow the light. You will be automatically guided by your best scene. In other words, hopelessness is the door to live in hope.

Early Morning Walk

Recently I have been familiar with the period between twilight to sunrise. This time is a sweet spot for me. Because this time always has the sweetest and cleanest air in the day. Before people start to move, birds,insects and wild animals shift from sleeping to waking or from waking to sleeping. So I can hear birds singing which is very different from other times. Their songs are similar to their evening songs. But their movements are quicker and more relaxed. When I saw a little fox, I was filled with joy. It was so lovely and had dignity, It made me feel settled.

The direction of the sun is different than in the evening. And this makes the world beautiful. I fell in love with it again as if I did not see any beauty in it before. The beauty in the world which I see also reflects in me. It is a delicious meal for my heart.

Also this sweet time makes me think that night has its back like like parents do for children. So I can deeply appreciate nighttime and darkness.

It is the same as our life. Even if your life looks miserable to you, your present life includes some beautiful and sweet moments like I described. And you are practicing how you find parts of beauty without denying the dark sides in your life.

In my neighborhood, I am sometimes allowed to cherish sunshine or clean air only during this sweet time. To glimpse the hidden beauty in this area, I started to get up early. These many practices made me able to find beauty in the world and in people. I even cherish darkness in the world. Because I deeply understand that it is the “parent” of beauty and sweetness through my experiences.

Having true appreciation towards darkness makes me feel like royalty. Usually appreciation for anything makes us move forward. But in particular, appreciation for darkness has given me a strong power to stay in the here and now. It also supports my fragility, so I can see everything in me as a resource. Finally I deeply appreciate the challenges for a city girl in this rural town.

Got New Wings

COVID-19 pushed us to create many new oppotunities. One of them is”temporary cinema” which supports art cinemas which we call “mini-theaters” in Japan. It is an online service but it gave me a similar experience as enjoying cinemas in a real movie theater rather than seeing streaming services in my computer.

In many cases great films released in mini theaters are not sold as DVD or on a streaming service. So after I moved to the countryside, I missed many great movies. But COVID-19 gave me back this kind of sparkling joy.

And I will describe “Talentime” by Yasmin Ahmad which is a movie I enjoyed: . This was the first time to watch a Malaysian movie. Coincidentally, one of her roots is in Japan. This film describes how people live in a multiracial nation by using English, Chinese, Malaysian and Tamil. It includes religious conflict.

On the whole, I experienced tenderness, integrity and beautiful harmony by watching this movie. Before I watched this movie, I was feeling shock and anger from something in my life. My heart felt pierced by sea urchin spines. But after I watched it, my heart become peaceful and harmonious like a still lake surface. Now I am very interested in her other works. And I am glad to feel some connections between us. I feel like I got new wings now.

An Advent Calender for COVID-19

I assume that many of you feel stress and exausted by some restrictions on outings and many changes in your circumstances. It looks like we need at least two years to get back to normal. If I can know the future, I want to present to you an advent calender for COVID-19. So many of you can feel joy and peace by opening its small windows and eating some small sweets in them. Some countries like Taiwan or New Zealand helped to shorten the duration of an advent calender for COVID-19.

And I have a better idea for you. We know that “tommorow will come” is always just an illusion. I think that some of you already experienc it deeply. Based on that, living in this moment is real and sure. Sometimes we see an illusion which is called the future, and we put many complaints, anxieties and worries in it. If you are doing it now, please listen to birds singing, smell the fresh air coming into your apartment, and see the sky which has lots of changing clouds. You will start to feel gratitude toward your space, this moment, what you have and what you will be able to create.

If you stay in this moment, you can put gratitude behind you and will be lead by your courage. And you don’t need an advent calender for COVID-19 any more. Because you will start to feel that you yourself are a treasure and you are doing so well. Those feelings will make you feel that you are OK whatever your tommorow is.

The Power of Words

Words are more powerful than you think. So especially under this catastrophic coronavirus pandemic, you should pay attention to your words. Some people describe their feelings through others’ words instead of their own feelings.

For example when someone tells you, “You have a lot of anxiety,” you start to think, “I have anxiety rather than fear.” If you do this, your fear or anxiety will keep on drifting and never be used for something creative which can change your situation. You will instead be like bread dough that has been kneaded down. It is a feeling of helplessness.

And if you understand the power of words, you can choose words which guide you to the future you hope for. So when we prepare a to-do list for tommorow, please add one word which you hope for. For example, please write “want to-do list” instead of “to-do list”. And please write “joyful accounting time” instead of “accounting time”. These single words which express your hopes quicken its realization. In this case, you will experience a lower barrier to step into your list and you will notice that you finish them earlier than usual.

Consciously or unconsciously, when you use words for denial, you will lose your power. But if you get them on your side as I described in the second paragraph, you will sail free!

Delicious Scent

One of my resolutions this year is to decrease my garbage in half. To help that, I started to make vegetable broth. It is very simple, easy and eco-freindly. When I buy organic fruit, mushrooms and vegetables, I keep their seeds, peels and parts of the roots. I keep them in containers in the freezer until they fill up. Because I live alone, it took two months. I usually eat almost all of the organic vegetables. I guess that is why it took a long time.

Yesterday was my first experience of making vegetable broth. I was amazed at its delicious scent which made me feel full. To make it, boil water and put in the frozen seeds, peels and roots. Then keep it at a low boil for 20 minutes. You can use this time to do something else.

One secret to make it good is using the outer brown onion peels. And you can control the level of bitterness by how much brassica vegetables you use. This time, I put in a lot of brassica, so it tasted a bit bitter. But to detox for spring, bitterness is important. So I am very satisfied with my first vegetable broth. And I cannot forget its delicious scent which filled my room. The scent was so relaxing, which made me feel at home.

So, if you want to decrease your garbage, please try it!

New Vegetables

Living in the countryside sometimes brings me joy to taste new vegetables and fruit. Since I moved here, I have found a rare fruit which was pushed to be grown in the 1980s. Also I discovered some endemic vegetables which translate to “traditional vegetables”.

And yesterday, I found two new vegetables in the organic vegetable section of the local supermarket. One of them is called “asupara na”, a hybrid of two Chinese vegetables. Its appearance is similar to the Chinese water spinach. And when we eat it, we feel that it is similar to asparagus. That is why it is called “Asupara na”.

Another one is called “tane na”. It looks like mustard greens. A cashier suddenly said to me, “Currently, I’m really into this vegetable. Sauteing it with oyster sauce and sesame oil is soooo perfect.” She was like a girl in love. Anyway, “tane na” looked like it would taste bitter.

Today, I cooked them. I boiled “asupara na” for a short time. So I ate them with lemon juice and soy sauce. It was sweet like asparagus as its name implies. And regarding “tane na”, I sauteed them with shrimp, ginger, Sichuan pepper, salted rice malt and oyster sauce. It was also sweet and it is more juicy and crispy than mustard greens.

Whatever it is, new experiences support us to move forward. So please invite such supporters in your life to decrease your stress.

More Options Make You Have Fun!

If you want to have more fun in your daily life, one of the easiest ways is having more options. For example, if you have three types of toothpaste, you can have some fun to choose one from the three.

If you think, “I must choose one from this group,” like you may have experienced in your childhood, you may have more fun in the easiest way.

If you wanted to use melon-flavored toothpaste in your childhood, but you couldn’t, I recommend that you get it now. For example, even if you are at home, you can mix juices as if you were in typical Japanese family restaurant like Gusto.

Now you can prepare many options for yourself, because you are an adult now. Congratulations!

Nursing Care Product

Every year, I send a birthday gift for each of my parents. This January my father will be 77 years old. He experienced both a very light brain infarct and atrial fibrillation, so when I thought him in my mind, “nursing care” flashed through my mind.

Because of that, I searched for a birthday gift which would help him in his daily life somehow. And I found MOGU goods which are cushions and pillows filled with powdered beads and loved by both children and adults. The MOGU website says their products are good for nursing care which will fit small Japanese houses.

When we are supported physically, I mean that when we don’t feel any space between our body and the wall or floor or chair, we can forget our anxieties and fears. I knew that my father sometimes had worries about his health, so I thought that this would be the best gift for him this year.

When he got it, he quickly started to use it like a small child and looked happy. With a big smile he told me that it was warm. All seniors have a tendency to have a high cold or warm threshold. Before when I asked him whether he felt cold or not, he denied it, even though he felt cold. MOGU helped me to confirm the gap between his words and his true feelings.

I recommend that you look at nursing care products in a positive manner,even if you are young. Because some nursing care products simply help almost all of us.

Outbreaks of Wuhan Coronavirus

Here is a map of the outbreaks of Wuhan coronavirus.

It is very important to know what is happening now and it is very natural to feel fear or anxiety. But if you are trapped in them, you
will get tunnel vision and it will create a fearful reality.

There are many things to do for decreasing the risk of infection, like staying away from crowds. And you can turn this opportunity into your new life style which decreases the impact on the Earth.

In addition, let’s pray for people who have died because of the Wuhan coronavirus and their loved ones who are still alive. And why don’t we share our appreciation for people who are working in the hospital for such patients.

You can always change your reality to a brighter one.

Homemade Soy Sauce

In my area, bottle recycling collection day is very limited, because our city is poor. So I must keep empty soy sauce and vinegar bottles for a few weeks. And I don’t like it. So I decided to make soy sauce by myself, instead of having to remember bottle recycling collection day.

My experience of making other long-term preserved food pushed me to do so. Because both making miso bean paste which is a long-term preserved food, and making pickled Japanese plum were easier and quicker than I imagined. And actually home-made long-term preserved food is much more tasty than store bought ones. If I make them at one time, I could preserve them over a few years at room temperature. It alleviated my stress.

So I ordered a home-made soy sauce kit from MUJI. I had searched for these kinds of things for a few times in the last few years, but it was the first time to find it. Actually it takes one year to make soy sauce. But I’m already enjoying growing it. I am so happy to get my new “toy”.