This winary locates in Ashikaga City of Tochigi Prefecture. It took over 2 hours from Tokyo by train. This winary is famous for the taste of wine and the people who makes wine. This winery’s wine is served for Okinawa G8 Summit in 2000. And this winery’s wine have been made by handicapped people from 1980s’.
 I reserved a winary tour. When my freind and I were waiting the time, we were served a glass of fresh grape juice. So delicious!!!
 In this tour,we can see a brewery,vineyard and a cave.In one vineyard which is in front of a cafe and a wine shop,there are planted 600 vines. This vineyard is located on a very steep side (45 degrees)of a mountain.At the foot of this hill, there are planted many roses,because roses can catch an unusual happening(e.g. a new harmful insect)before vines can catch.Roses took a role like a canary in a coal.
 In a brewery there are many tanks which can hold 8567ℓ(=10000 bottles of wine) for fermentation from grape juice to wine. Those tanks are cleaned by people’s hand. One tank for cleaning it takes almost 2 hours.
  In a cave its humidity was 70 per cent,it makes me image the rainy season in Japan(=June). The temperature is kept for 15℃ through a year. We could see many machines and felt long time for one bottle of wine.
 We satisfied with this tour and were hungry. We went to a cafe and took many delicious and reasonable prices’plate. All of them were really delicious and passed a rich time. We tasted 4 bottle of wines and especially this desser wine” Donkey’s footstep”is so delicious that we felt we were running on the grass as a donkey and we smiled with looking at each other.
 We were happy!!! We thought we are living and it’s wonderful!!!Of course I bought 2 bottle of wine. I tasted today.