The Pelvis Is Made of One Big Bone?

Do you know where your sacrum is? It exists vertically between the coccyx and the lumbar region. Horizontally, it exists between the ilium bones and connected to the sacroiliac joints.

According to my experience, many coaching clients believed that the pelvis is made of one big bone. The facts are contrary to that image. The pelvis is made of many bones including the sacrum, the ilium bones, the sit bones, and the pubis.

Above all, you need to be conscious of your sacrum in your pelvis. For example, the second sacral vertebra of the sacrum is the key point for tuning women’s bodies. If you are a woman, tuning the second sacral helps to decrease your stress.

To decrease the effect of a burn injury, the second sacral vertebra of the sacrum is also a vital spot. The whole sacrum is deeply related to the genitals.

Before asking others about your body, please be conscious of it. You may tune your body by yourself to some extent. You will be amazed at that experience.




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Vertical Time Travel

What I will write will make you feel like it’s a dream. But I am sure that everyone can experience it if you make a long-term effort to take back subtlety into your body patiently and humbly.

After you take back subtlety into your body, you can experience a vertical time travel by just standing on the ground or staying in some space. It is very similar to old Italian buildings. Some old Italian buildings were made in different eras, like Roman times, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance Period the same as sections of layer cake.

We have dreamed of time travel for a long time, like time machines in comic books. But we can time travel without a time machine. And if you experience it, it’s not an easy experience. It is not so interesting and fun as it is tough and challenging.

Just a few of my clients have successfully approached this level because of their continuous sincere effort. If you truly can commit to it, I would be happy to coach you. You will start to take back subtlety into your body, and someday you will experience a true vertical time travel.


Neroli essential oil

Some of you change your daily rhythms during the long winter vacation. If so, you struggle to get back into your normal life rhythm. Neroli essential oil can support you in regulating your life.

Neroli essential oil has been historically known as an ingredient of perfumes and expensive cosmetics. It is also know as a rejuvenative oil.

In addition, neroli tunes your sympathetic nervous system. So it helps to regulate your rhythm like when you recover from jet lag.

Sometimes neroli is called a natural tranquilzer. When you feel that you lose your mental balance, this also helps you.

Many plants help us as neroli does. We need to act correctly for the Earth to co-exist with plants. And for that use neroli essential oil can be your first step to get back into your nomal life and work in a better way for the Earth.


Be More Impressed in Your Daily Life

Although life expectancy has increased, the age at which people reach menopause has not changed. And as you know, when women reach menopause, estrogen production decreases.

This leads to a decrease in muscle strength. In addition, some tight fascia can prevent the pelvic floor muscle group from working well. In this case, myofascial release can help.

In addition, the diaphragm and pelvic floor muscle group work together. In other words, there is a close relationship between breathing and the movement of the pelvic floor musculature.

The pelvic floor musculature is composed of three layers. The most superficial layer is responsible for sexual functions such as vaginal tightening and erection. The innermost layer is responsible for controlling urination and defecation. Poor posture can result in poor control of urination and bowel movement. So, training the most superficial pelvic floor muscle group does not lead to better control of urination and bowel movement.

The composition of the pelvic floor musculature differs between men and women. In women, the pelvic floor musculature consists of twelve muscles. Men’s pelvic floor musculature consists of ten muscles. Since humans have become bipedal, our pelvic floor musculature is a collection of many muscles in the shape of a tunnel or dome.

Now that you know this, how do you feel? You will be impressed when you learn more about how your body works. If you try to be more curious about yourself, you will be more impressed in your daily life.