The sun and colors.

I saw some kind of special glasses to see the sun in book stores. On May 21st, we will enjoy the solar eclipse. As you know, we cannot look directly at the sun. We see the sun through colors which are created by the light’s reflection. Something which reflects light, has some colors which cannot be absorbed. What that something excludes will be its color. Exclusion means reflection. If you apply it to yourself, you will get a new perspective about you and the world. What are you excluding now? In other… Read More

Leadeship is about love and truth.

Japan still has high risks for extensive damage from massive earthquakes in the coming years. I kept on considering what is the best for me during the last 10 months. In the beginning of February, I saw the musical, “La Cage Aux Folles 2. One of the famous songs of this musical touched my heart. It is named “The best of times is now”. You may listen to this music from the following link. . Here is a part of “The best of times is now.” Now, not some forgotten yesterday. Now,… Read More

Earth teach me…

I will share this poem with you. Earth teach me quiet ~ as the grasses are still with new light. Earth teach me suffering ~ as old stones suffer with memory. Earth teach me humility ~ as blossoms are humble with beginning. Earth teach me caring ~ as mothers nurture their young. Earth teach me courage ~ as the tree that stands alone. Earth teach me limitation ~ as the ant that crawls on the ground. Earth teach me freedom ~ as the eagle that soars in the sky. Earth teach me… Read More

Relax to heal the Earth.

Many people have a tendency to suffer from a stiff neck or poor blood circulation especially in winter. I know that many people use energy healing, massage, acupuncture and moxibustion therapy to improve their physical condition. When you have such a physical condition, your energy is hazy, heavy and bitter. The earth feels bad because of your energy. Those conditions are also deeply related to your thinking style. If you love making assumptions or making stories without checking the facts, you are more likely to have a stiff neck or poor blood… Read More

Love is the only essential need for this world .

On January 30, I completed my 10 months journey which is about organizing the Global Conversation Circle.  After I completed it, personally, one of my surprises was that Mother Teresa became one of my leadership role models.  I loved her and I saw her as a global leader. But I felt that I am very different from Mother Teresa. Through having conversations with many global citizens for 10 months, I realized that love solves everything.  Love is the only essential need for this world . Even if “love” is a word that… Read More

Information about a possible Earthquake in Tokyo.

I want to share some information about a possible Earthquake in Tokyo. According to the Japanese government, there is a  70% that a 7.0 magnitude earthquake will happen in the Tokyo Metropolitan area within 4 years. This prediction was made by the Earthquake Research Institute of the University of Tokyo. Here are details about the prediction of a Tokyo earthquake in Japanese: From their calculations, for example, there will be up to 7 million refugees. 6.5 million people will have difficulties going back to their home. 850,000 buildings will collapse. Up… Read More

Tips for Enjoying 2012 like a Great Surfer.

In Japan, we experienced a tsunami and a magnitude 9.0 earthquake and we experienced aftershocks for 10 months. Here is a Japan earthquakes 2011 visualization map,you may imagine how it was. 2012 would be a wonderful year for great surfers, metaphorically speaking. Some people who experienced disasters or political or economical change, they will realize that they were celebrated by the Universe because they could get opportunities to practice to be a great surfer. Charles Darwin wrote, “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent… Read More

Leaders Have Wings.

On March 11, when the biggest earthquake ever experienced in Japan struck the country, I was in Tokyo, two hundred miles southwest of the epicenter. I was on a subway, and suddenly I felt as if I were riding a runaway horse. The continuous, very strong aftershocks made me feel seasick. All trains stopped, so I had to walk six hours to my parents’ house. During those hours, I walked on the unstable ground with some new friends I met along the way. We exchanged important information to be safe, such as… Read More

Mint and Watercress/ ミントとクレソン

ミントもクレソンも、東京では、外で冬越ししてくれます。 クレソンは、もみじの木の根元に植えてあります。 They survive winter in Tokyo. I plant watercress at the foot of “Momiji”.

酒粕 / sake dregs

この冬は、主に湯たんぽと酒粕で、身体を温めています。 トライアルで買ってみたこの化粧水、とてもよくてお薦めです。 今なら、酒粕もついてきて、お得なのです。スーパーで売っている酒粕とは、香りが違います。 酒粕は、甘酒にしたり、粕汁にしていましたが、「そのまま焼いて、お砂糖をかけて頂く」という方法も、あるんですね。 This winter I use 2 hot water bottles and sake dregs to keep my body warm. I just tried to buy this cosmetic. Actually it is very good so I recommend it to you. If you buy it now, automatically you can get sake dregs, too because of winter sales campaign. That sake dregs’ flavor is very different from other sake dregs’ flavor which are sold in supermarket. I usually used sake dregs for making “amazake” or miso soup. But according to sake breweries’ website, we can bake… Read More

げんげ と のどくろ / fishes caught in Toyama bay

げんげ(上)と、のどぐろ(下)の干物です。富山海鮮市場の実店舗で、どうぞ。 そうそう、お魚って、スイーツなんかと比べ物にならないくらい、美味しいものだったんですよね!!! Here is “Genge(top)” and “Nodoguro(bottom)”. Please buy it at this shop in Toyama. After returning from Spain I have been annoyed with food. For two weeks after returning from Spain, I couldn’t eat western food. And even if it is Japanese food, when I sense bad energy from them, my body definetly refuses them. It made me unhealthy and made me confused for the last month. But I had some very fresh fish in Toyama, a city in the snowbelt area along the Sea of Japan. They were amazingly good…. Read More

#1 The Tateyama mountain range / 立山連峰

本日、2/14日は、旧暦だと、元旦に当たります。 そんな日に、たまたま立山連峰の写真をアップできるなんて、なんだか嬉しいです。 Today is the lunar New Year. I am happy to upload this picture of the Tateyama mountain range in on such a special day.

"Akai Book"

大事な友人、みどりさんが、最近ミラノで仕上げたという作品の一部が、公開されています。 のびのびした空気がありながらも、オリエンタルで、とても気に入りました。 ぜひ、御覧下さいね。 One of my freinds, Midori did a lot of drawings in Milano, Italy. I want to introduce you to her works “Akai book” because I love them. I felt both the spontaneity and the essence of asian culture. Please enjoy this.

地中海の夕方 / The Mediterranean’s sunset

1月2日は、スペインは地中海沿岸で、過ごしました。 波の音は、太鼓の音を思わせる勇壮さでした。 地球に励まされる、そんな感じすらして、とても楽しいひと時でした。 On the 2th of January, I stayed near the Mediteranean in Spain. The roar of waves were like dynamic drum beat. I felt like the earth encouraged me. It was a really fantastic time for me.

On new year’s day / 元旦

リーダーシッププログラムへの参加のため、2週間ほど、ヨーロッパに滞在していましたが、今戻りました。 元旦は、そのほとんどを、機内で過ごしました。 帰国後、いけばなに行ったら、先生が「あなたはいつも、”出たり入ったりして” 本当に忙しそう」と、おっしゃるので、その表現に笑ってしまいました。 I just returned from almost 2 weeks in Europe to participate in a leadership program. On New Year’s Day I spent more than 14 hours in an airplane. After my return, I went to a Japanese flower arrangement class. My flower arrangement teacher told me that you are always busy because of “in and out” of Japan. I laughed at that expression “in and out”.

神楽坂で香道教室 / Incense burning ceremony at Kagurazaka, Tokyo

神楽坂の椿屋さんで、今年も香道のお教室が行われるそうです。 御家流香道第一廿世宗家 三條西尭山師直門 鈴木尭聖師範・鈴木尭香師範 のお二方が、ご指導下さいます。 1回 3500円で、参加できますので、ご興味のある方は、ぜひ、椿屋さん(03-5261-0019)に、お問い合わせ下さい。 2/13 14:00- 東都探梅香 4/10 14:00- 季節香「はなみ」 6/12 14:00- 紫陽花香 8/7 14:00- 三夕香 10/9 14:00- 対月香 わたしは、去年ここに通っていましたが、「様々な香りが立ち混ざる中、狙った香りだけを正確に嗅ぎ分け続けられるのが、プロ」という、先生のお言葉に、どんな道にも通じるお言葉だと、感慨深くお話を伺わせて頂いたことを、思い出します。 どんな道も、究めればその先には、必ず先人の知恵/叡智が眠っているというのは、わたしの信条ですが、このお教室でも知恵/叡智にアクセスできる瞬間があります。 ぜひ、足をお運び下さい。 思い切り、楽しんで下さい。 In Kagurazaka, there is an incense shop called “Tsubakiya”. At Tsubakiya, a master teacher of incense burning will have one day classes throughout this year. It costs 3500yen each time. The 2010 schedules in listed below. ・13 Feburary 2:00 p.m.- ・10 April 2:00 p.m.- ・12 June 2:00 p.m.- ・7 August 2:00 p.m.- ・9 October 2:00 p.m.- If you are intrested in this class, please call Tsubakiya (03-5261-0019)and… Read More

Best Wishes for the Coming Year !

I really appreciate for your support in 2008 and wish you a lovely New Year’s Eve.

あなたを想う。(mobile photo)

No more killing. Please no more.

Horizon / 水平線

We have just a horizon,no borders. We just start walking from here.

newborn / 生まれたて

 My goal image or keyword in March was “newborn”. Especially in this week I spend much times for self-coaching. By grace of it I could reached my goal in March. Now I felt relief. Today for giving a finish to my days in March, I tried on my weakpoints. Even if “subortage” was sprang up in me ,every time I set aside them,I tried on them with a newborn myself.  Actually I could do a very good job! I’m really proud of myself. The end of March in 2006!


 This winary locates in Ashikaga City of Tochigi Prefecture. It took over 2 hours from Tokyo by train. This winary is famous for the taste of wine and the people who makes wine. This winery’s wine is served for Okinawa G8 Summit in 2000. And this winery’s wine have been made by handicapped people from 1980s’. I reserved a winary tour. When my freind and I were waiting the time, we were served a glass of fresh grape juice. So delicious!!!  In this tour,we can see a brewery,vineyard and a cave.In one vineyard which… Read More

nestle up / 寄り添う

真白な百合が鼻の先で骨に徹えるほど匂った。そこへ遥の上から、ぽたりと露が落ちたので、花は自分の重みでふらふらと動いた。自分は首を前へ出して冷たい露の滴る、白い花弁に接吻した。自分が百合から顔を離す拍子(ひょうし)に思わず、遠い空を見たら、暁の星がたった一つ瞬いていた。 「百年はもう来ていたんだな」とこの時始めて気がついた。 (夏目漱石 『夢十夜』より) Masshirona yuriga hana no sakide hone ni kotaeruhodo niotta. Sokohe haruka no uekara, potarito tuyuga otitanode hanaha jibunno omomide furafurato ugoita.Jibunha kubiwo maehe dashite tumetai tuyuno shitataru,shiroi kabenni seppunshita. Jibunga yurikara kaowo hanasu hyoushini omowazu, tooisorawo mitara, akatukino hoshiga tatta hitotu matataiteita.「Hyakuknen ha mou kiteitandana」to konotoki hajimete kigatuita. (quote from Soseki Natume『Yumejyuya』) ■ information Here,You can read many Japanese literary works by great writers in Japanese. Also here, you can listen to reading of them in Japanese.

non-verbal communication

A dog was waiting for his(or her) master in front of a supermarket. I stroked him speaking to him.He was calm and had peaceful eyes. When I stood up saying goodbye to him,he shake my hands as if he wanted to say not to be left alone. He did the same motion twice. And after this motion, he approached me more and more.He showed me dearness. I felt that we could do non-verbal communication. He made my inside warm. I was happy. In one book, scientificlly it was proved that people do… Read More

My grand-ma.

Today she’s dead. But I thought she was released and now she is happy in another world. In this world she was “blind” but now probably she can see. She never lose her way. (She is my godmother. In my kindergardens’ day I was tormented , she send me post cards everyday to cheer me up…Obaachan I miss you!)