Unmarried or Married Is Part of Diversity.

In Japan, many companies are passionate about promoting diversity. But in fact, they don’t understand what diversity is. So they just pay lip service to diversity, like saying they want to increase the number of women executives. For example, diversity includes being unmarried or married. It is one of the aspects of diversity. In Japan, people who ask if someone is unmarried or married, basically believe that being unmarried means being unhappy and being married means being happy. So in general, when people ask someone if they are unmarried or married, they… Read More

To Create Natural Conditions Artificially

In most of Japan, there has been a deadly heat wave. I stayed in Shiretoko, Hokkaido for five days in the middle of July. Then after that, I jumped into an environment over 35℃ by jumping up 20℃. Hokkaido had a cooler summer than usual. I used over six hand warmers in Shiretoko. Just as the rainy season was over in Nabari where I live, I arrived at Shiretoko, so I did not expect that such an extremely high temperature would await me in Nabari. The temperature in Shiretoko ranges from 8℃… Read More

Brown Bears

I did not expect to watch brown bears in Shiretoko. But unexpectedly, I saw four brown bears. And in short, it made me sad. When I arrived at Shiretoko, I was shocked at how many brown bears lived close to humans because it meant that we would have to get rid of them. For example, there was a river near my hotel. And some people found footprints of brown bears on the riverbank. But some of the people who live in this area have less knowledge about brown bears than me. I… Read More

Keeping Your Head Cool and Your Feet Warm

During the summer, we often use air conditioners to cool us down. As you know, cool air is heavy. So our feet tend to be cool. And it causes a rush of blood to the head. Such a condition makes us lose our judgement. If you take a foot bath in the evening, you will be in for a surprise. Because it will be easier to feel centered and at peace. And you will feel comfortable contrary to your expectation. Some of you will feel the swelling in your feet go away…. Read More

Hot Water Bottle in Summer.

You may repeatedly experience over 15 degrees of a temperature change in a short time when you go in and outdoors throughout the day. It is very hard for your nervous system. Some people feel like zombies, because they feel that their bodies are boneless and do not have an ounce of strength. In such cases, your organs deteriorate. Some organs like the liver can recover by warming up with a hot water bottle. During the summer, even if we get in a bath, we set the hot water temperature to around… Read More

Light in the Darkness

At last, I went to Niigata to vist my great-great-great grandparents’ graves. It is located in a small isolated village. So the temple ward welcomed me warmly as if I were one of her family members. At the same time, she was wary of me and interrogated me, which seemed like typical behavior for that area. It was interesting to me. Niigata holds feminine energy compared to the neighboring Hokuriku area. It reminds me of my grandmother’s skin. Everyone in Niigata behaves with that feminine energy that i mentioned before. So I… Read More

Every Nine o’clock at Night

We headed into the rainy season earlier than usual this year. And without exception, rainy days brought pests like slugs and cutworms. They start to show up at nine o’clock every day. At eight o’clock they still stay under the ground, and after ten o’clock they go back underground. So I go out onto my balcony every nine o’clock at night to catch them. Also I use rice bran and coffee grinds. The rice bran helps to attract cutworms at one time. The coffee grinds have a repels both slugs and cutworms…. Read More

Frogs are Coming Back!

In my area, frogs have started to sing after the middle of March. The number of frogs will be increasing until around October. And they will stop singing in November. So for me, luckily, I can enjoy frogs’ voices for over half a year. And from May or June to September or October, usually two or three frogs stay in my balcony every year. So I was looking forward to seeing this year’s frogs. And today they showed up! One of the reasons is that tomorrow is rainy weather. Especially during the… Read More

Ancient Wheat

Last December, I came across an online bakery shop. I just wanted to eat delicious bread which is hard to get in my area, so I kept on mindlessly clicking around the web. But this was the first step to be lucky. This bakery shop is dedicated to the art of baking bread. They are always researching about bread making including using obscure kinds of wheat. I first heard about spelt wheat in a letter from the bakery which was included in the shipment. I then learned about einkorn wheat, a primitive… Read More

Broad Perspective

Last December, I went to an eyeglass shop which I have used since my childhood. A shop clerk, Mr.X straightened my glasses, so I was impressed by his skills. He knows the products well. I decided to buy a new pair of frames. But after I complimented him, he suddenly started to speak about his career background in a boastful manner. In short, his sickening arrogance made me decide not to deal with him again. This April, I went there again to replace my lenses which depends on a prescription from an… Read More

Like Chewing Gum

I found something on my balcony wall in the mid-April. It was like chewing gum which someone spit out on the ground and after that someone stepped on it. I wondered about it, but I did nothing. Today I saw a paper wasp circling around it as if it became a clock hand touching its head on it. At first, I thought that maybe it was sticky so a paper wasp was caught on it. I tried to help it to get away from it. But it showed no signs of leaving…. Read More

The Joy of Buying One Egg at a Time

Finally, I went to an organic farmer’s market which is only open on Tuesday mornings. For that, I bought a big perfect waterproof backpack in Tokyo. I did not want to miss a rare opportunity for any weather. I have used a variety of organic shops since 2010. But i have had a sense of discomfort recently, because most shops carry many vegetables and fruit that were grown far away, which requires lots of time and money. Driving a car kills ten million insects until its owner junks it. Even if I… Read More


As long as I remember, I have lived as an outsider. It was not my want or hope. When I moved to Osaka at four years old, I was picked on a lot because of my accent. I could not speak the Kansai dialect. After a few years, I came back near Tokyo. I was not ostracized there but I also was not accepted. I felt that I was like a plastic bag fluttering on a tree in strong wind. Then I moved to Tokyo where my great-grandfather moved to four generations… Read More

A Beautiful Way of Life

I finally visited my great-great-grandparents’ grave in Himi City, Toyama. It took almost six hours each way. But It was worth it. In fact it was very fulfilling and more fantastic than I imagined. I met my great-grandfather’s older brother’s grandson, my great-grandfather’s older brother’s great-grandson, and his wife. They are in the main branch of my family and will be the last because their daughter get married. But my great-grandfather’s older brother’s grandson still has the look of my great-great-grandfather, so it made me feel that I had already met him…. Read More

I am in Misery, So I Can Be Invisible.

If unwittingly, while you are swamped with self-pity, you will have some trouble with money. In other words, if you have some trouble with money, you may repeatedly find this voice persistently inside of you: “I am in misery, so I can be invisible.” Some money trouble does not always mean having debt or being poor. For example, you may want to spend money for your child even when you don’t have enough money. To save yourself from this pattern, do everything that you need to do from a loving place. Like… Read More


Happiness in Japanese is “shiawase.” For a long time, “shiawase” has meant transforming yourself to respond to your situation. I love this old definition of “shiawase” because this old definition appreciates all happenings and all bonds between us. People whom you dislike or people who hurt you are also included in your appreciation. And these days I think that it is so true. People who hurt me and people whom I dislike also influence me as much as the people who love me and the people whom I love. Those experiences helped… Read More


I went to an exposition of Vincent Van Gogh in Kyoto. Actually I don’t know him so well. I don’t dislike “Sunflowers” which is one of most famous his work, but I felt it was clouded and murky. While I saw his works in the National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, I was attracted to his self-portrait which was drawn in his last days in Paris. In my eyes, that self-portrait was the most purified and gentle. According to captions in the museum, he did not have a good life at that… Read More

Lemonade Without Lemon

I have been walking every three or two days. But hay fever season is coming soon. And I need more alternatives for midsummer days and strong rainy days. So to search for more options, I decided to put more pressure on myself. So that I could clearly know my plan to reach the next level. During that week, I decided to swim for the first time in four years. Near my house, there is a swimming pool which has produced many Olympic medalists. That pool is known for high quality water. I… Read More

Hopelessness Takes Hope.

Last week, I saw a movie, “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.” When I searched for movies near my house, I thought that I should check out this movie. So on the way to the theater I became a little bit nervous because shocking descriptions like “raped while dying” were used to describe the movie. But my intituion was right! This movie is a kind of a black comedy reminiscent of Monty Python. It was very stylized. Using shocking topics, everything was well harmonized. Eccentricity was transformed into beauty through the whole story…. Read More

5 Degrees Difference

I have been walking for two hours every other day since last autumn. One day in December, I noticed that I was walking slower than before. And I realized that that is because it dropped below 5 degrees Celsius. My body automatically slowed down my walking pace to protect my body. In January, the temperature never went above 0 degrees. For almost one week we had snow but it didn’t stick on the ground. Almost all ponds and gullies were solidly frozen. At around the same time, there were heavy snows in… Read More

What is breakfast to you?

What is the essence of breakfast to you? If you have a nice cup of tea, do you feel that you are having a nice breakfast? Or if you have a soft-boiled egg, do you feel that you ate a great breakfast? For me, the essence of breakfast is salad. Even if I have a great cup of tea or a delicious baguette, it has a small impact on me. So almost every morning, I spend my time preparing my salad. Currently, one of my top two favorite salads consists of celery,… Read More


If you feel suffering from miscommunication despite your best efforts, just simply say the core of what you think and feel. And please just trust the power of your thought and feeling. Because they are energy. That energy keeps on flying into the air like an arrow beyond time and space, and try to reach someone whom you wanted to communicate with. That energy ends up in some house, land or things like bags. For example, when you feel something warm and gentle from an antique table, maybe that table was used… Read More

What Makes You Strong?

Many people believe that I am strong so I don’t cry. But it is not true. If we are strong, we can hold our tears and heartbreaks. In many cases, tears symbolize that you are strong. Many people try to benumb themselves as if they were never tired or could be influenced by others. Because they don’t know the difference between separating themselves from the world and being strong. If you are strong, you are never in denial. You never ignore or loosen your focus on what you see, where you are,… Read More

Trust Your Life

On New Year’s Day, I had a different time than past New Year’s Days. My new year started with internet shopping. I did not prepare traditional New Year’s dishes except rice cake soup called “ozouni”. I did a lot of laundry as a part of every month’s house cleaning. And I saw a movie “Five Flights Up”. I thought that this movie symbolized my feeling on New Year’s Day. In this movie, one old couple started to think about selling their apartment. There was no elevator in their apartment, and they felt… Read More

Low Impact Walking

These days I walk every two or three days to gain physical strength. It is fun and easy for me. I love walking a lot, but each time I walk only 90 to 120 minutes to avoid injury, which I experienced last September. This past September I realized that I needed to use specific aroma oils like wintergreen or lavandin for loosening my muscles, in addition to stretching after walking. After I walked over 3 hours, I felt that I wanted to walk more because of the adrenaline rush. So I need… Read More


I have had shoe counseling to know about my specific foot shape and which shoes match my feet. And these days I have given up finding shoes which really fit my foot. But in September I got a wake up call when I felt pain on my right foot. That September, I started walking over two hours every two days. It was simply fun, so I went a little overboard. One day I walked over three hours, and felt pain in the sole of my right foot. And I need three weeks… Read More

Time Has Passed

When I was in my twenties, I didn’t like the works of Kenji Mizoguchi, a famous film director loved by film directors in Nouvelle Vague like Jean-Luc Godard. I only watched the first three minutes of one of his films and it felt cold and detached. Just as I felt, his works are often described as coldly objective realism. And he always forcusd on marginalized women like prostitutes. When I was a university student, I needed some courage to watch his movies, and they never brought me joy. But now my capacity… Read More

Unintentional Small Steps Bring Us Something Good

This summer I made Japanese plum syrup which helps us deal with hot and humid summers because of its sweet and sour taste. Afterwards, six Japanese plums were left over. I searched for the easiest way to use those green Japanese plums. We cannot eat them raw because they are poisonous. And the easiest way to cook them was putting them in a enamel pot which can withstand acid and pickle them with miso paste. After that we just need to wait for a few months. I drank all of the Japanese… Read More

Often Moving?

I know that some people love to move very often like every three months. What I observed from them was that such people were bad at creating safe and cozy spaces. So they prefer to work at a cafe than work at home. They prefer to decorate in a stylish hotel style rather than a cozy at-home style. And some of them are afraid of feeling relaxed as if it means being a failure. In the world of ants, their home is underground. The soil is contaminated by many bacteria and other… Read More

Top Five Blog Posts in 2017

Halloween season is when we notice we only have two month left this year. So it is good to look back this year little by little. And this attitude supports us to fulfill this year by using our wisdom. So, I looked back at blog posts this year and noted the top five which were loved by readers. Were any in the following list included among your favorites? 1.“In This Corner of the World” https://globalflowering-blog.com/2017/01/13/in-this-corner-of-the-world/ 2.“This is my first and last.” — Hiromi Uehara https://globalflowering-blog.com/2014/05/21/this-is-my-first-and-last-hiromi-uehara/ 3.Swallows and Frogs. https://globalflowering-blog.com/2017/04/21/swallows-and-frogs/ 4.Blood Ties? https://globalflowering-blog.com/2017/03/30/blood-ties/… Read More