Like Tofu Makers

My sense of discipline has helped me.  For example, it has helped me to walk every other day.  Discipline has helped me maintain my health for a long time.  However, I have wanted to change such fixed everyday rituals to more appropriate adapted ones for my body based on my needs for the day.  In Japan, tofu makers change the amount of water to soy beans to make tofu every day, because every day we have different weather. I think that that is a more natural method than doing the same thing… Read More

Hot Water

Hot water is called “sayu” in Japanese. It is written as white water in Chinese characters. This simple hot water is traditionally drunk by babies and people who have weak stomachs while recovering from illness. Also sometimes “sayu ” is the best first drink in the morning because it helps detox and activate our digestive system. Even though I knew about it, I prefered tea like loasted green tea or herb tea. This September, I realized that I needed more stretching or myofascial release of my upper body and it was urgent…. Read More

From Pianist to Piano Teacher

I saw a documentary about Seymour Bernstein who was a pianist. And his impactful words and his lace-like piano sound touched my heart. I was especially impressed by these following words: “I remember I became aware when practice went well, everything in life seemed harmonized. When it didn’t, I was out of sorts. The real essence of who we are resides in our talent, whatever that talent is.” When he felt that he was satisfied with being a pianist, he decided to quit and started to live as a piano teacher. I… Read More


When I moved to this city, I was annoyed by bat droppings. It opened a door to know about bats. And in August, I went to a bat observation event at night. It was held by a bat museum located in-between Nara and Kyoto. Bats looks like birds, because they fly freely. But in fact, they are mammals, so their wings are actually their hands. One quarter of mammals in the world are bats. And one third of mammals in Japan are bats. But I still haven’t seen flying bats. I learned… Read More

One Preconception Can Disturb You

When you were a child, maybe you just loved to flip pages of books. Even if you could not read the text, you did not care about it and you just loved smell the paper and see illustrations. You didn’t understood it but you knew how to enjoy books well. You were already equipped with the attitude to jump in an unknown new world. You were an excellent adventurer. But as time goes by, you learnt that you needed to read the books to enjoy them more. You started to understand books…. Read More

An Oppressor

If you want to be loved or esteemed by someone, it can make you vulnerable. Because you need to maintain your self image of being loved or esteemed by someone, you may be in denial of other parts of you, And when you are criticized by someone, even if it is very valuable to you, you may need to underestimate it to maintain your image of a good girl or boy. These movements in you intterupt your inner integration. And the person who you wanted to be loved or esteemed by will… Read More

Am I Wrong? Or Are Others Wrong?

If you have experienced the feeling of “Am I wrong?” or “Are others wrong?”, it is important for your future to recognize that you may have experienced abuse. If you have experienced abuse it was probably an impactful experience. It is imprinted as an abnormal event in our consciousness. But after that, it becomes repeatedly experienced, because we get used to it and it becomes normal. And it becomes a part of our daily life. Abnormal turns into normal. So we start to have an porous boundary between normal and abnormal or… Read More

A True Server

I met a person who is truly dedicated to his work. He is not a fixer. He is a true server. At a glance, I could sense what he was working for. His sincere attitude comes from his rich life history. Usually we get appreciation from our customers or clients. But he works as if he appreciates them, even and especially when clients complain. It was very new to me. That is why I think he is a true server. I feel that he embodies appreciation and gratitude. And he is just… Read More

My allergy has gone.

I have been annoyed by noisy and stinking neighbors for three months. And also this year Nabari City was often covered with a photochemical oxidant. So I was in a hard situation. But when I went to an ophthalmologist this May, my longtime primary care doctor told me that surprisingly my allergy had gone. She was astonished at it and she recommended me to write a book on how I recovered from my allergy. She told me that she couldn’t explain it medically. I didn’t try to recover from hay fever. So… Read More

20kg of Zeolite

I bought 20kg of zeolite. Because my neighbors use fabric softener which lasts longer than perfume and because they also smoke, I need to absorb it somehow while I use an air conditioner for summer. Most air conditioners don’t circulate air from outside to inside. But according to the manufacturer of my air conditioner, there is a possibility that I get air from outside through the drain hose. The strong and long-lasting smell of softeners are toxic to the neural system. It includes addictive ingredients which are the same as illegal and… Read More

Emergency Issue

Many of you may pick and choose when to eat garlic, because of its strong smell. But garlic aroma does not harm us. As you know, cigarette smoke harms us. So smokers usually ask for permission before they smoke. When we say yes, we accept that we will be exposed to the fumes. But most of us do not care about the smell of fabric softener. And now all kinds cleansers are becoming stronger. Even though we have over 7,000,000 chemically sensitive people because of those products in Japan, some of the… Read More

Tunnel Vision

In both Nabari and Tokyo, I feel that people started to have limited eyesight. For example, I saw that children could not stay on the sidewalk at a red light. They run into and wait on the busy street . And many adults start to cross the crosswalk without any hesitation at a red light. The number of people who behave creepy and weird is increasing at a rapid pace. It seems that they only see where they want to go as if they were wearing swimming goggles which limit their eyesight…. Read More

Beyond Design and Belief

Many people care about colors and shapes in their room. Especially when we get lots of money, we have a tendency to be critical of such designs in our rooms or our stuff. And many people value their beliefs. Especially when they become famous, they have a tendency to enshrine it. But I think that there is truth beyond design and belief. And when we live in truth, everything goes smoothly rather than being attached to design and belief. When we take back subtlety in our body, we can collect information through… Read More

Intentions Like a Web

When I went to an old, big and famous temple in Nara this Feburary, I was a bit shocked. There were firefighters, police officers, monks, TV crews, Buddhist parishioners, and visitors for the traditional Fire Festival. I felt that many intentions were there like a web. It was tight, complex and absurd. And most of the standing people were TV crews. They behaved like the center of this event. I felt that I was an audience to boost the mood for TV shows. I felt that people did not focus on the… Read More

Noisy Neighors

I am mad at my noisy neighbors who moved in this March. It’s like deja vu from my last neighbors. I complained very quickly to the apartment management company. But the noisy neighbors lied about their noise as follows: “We don’t remember such behavior at all. We don’t know anything about it.” But they chatted until four o’clock in the morning. I hear tapping noise all throughout the day and night. And they listen to music without headphones and watch TV at a high volume. The apartment management company called them and… Read More

Hybrid Life?

Around 5 years ago, I had a workshop in Tokyo in which I set up many branches, trunks and grasses in that room. I also used bird sounds to make people feel as if they were in nature. Participants liked it and I was satisfied with how I set up my workshop space. This month, I went into a fruit shop in Nara. It was nicely decorated like a cafe in Tokyo. And bird sounds played in that shop. Many fruit and its products were arranged artfully. It was as if I… Read More

I Should Pursue It

I took part in a casual incense burning class in Nara. I had already taken part in an incence burning class in Tokyo, so I already had some knowledge. But this was the first time to choose ingredients and blend them by myself. Basically, incense ingredients are divided into kinds of quality ranges, like sharp to sweet and heavy to light. I had a tendency to like sweet and heavy. And almost all of them came from southern coutries like India. And herbs in southern countries improve digestion. So many participants started… Read More

Tenderness which Looks Austere

I went to the Irie Taikichi Memorial Museum in Nara City. I had never seen his works. But when I ran a keyword search of Nara, his name came up a lot, so I was interested in it. The first time I tried to go to there, it was at the end of 2018. I got lost and instead of going there, I found a nice cake shop. I had a good time in that cafe and on the way back home I found out that it had already closed for the… Read More


I know that people need to have a sense of belonging as a basic need. And nobody should be excluded. On the other hand, currently, many people have a tendency to excessively  attach a sense of belonging. For example, many homemakers rush to buy storage goods like storage racks and storage boxes at 100 yen shops. They believe that all things have a sense of belonging, so they gently write the address on each of things. They feel guilty if something is not in a proper place. But the sense of non-belonging… Read More

Graduation from data

When I was a child, I needed a camera to take photos, I needed a CD player to listen to music, I needed a ruler to know the length of something . Each of them exists for one purpose. So we needed to switch our consciousness to go to the next thing without missing a beat. It helped us to decide whether we liked something or not rather than whether we could make something or not. Now I need only one device like an iPhone to take photos, listen to music and… Read More

What is choice?

We sometimes say that we have more choices or options than before. As if we cannot feel safe and stable without thinking like that.  We want to believe we are evolving through more choices. But are we always upgrading who we are, how we are, and what we serve? When some software is automatically updated, we often feel discomfort and stress. Many people miss the old days. If we have truly evolved, we shouldn’t feel like that. I have observed that we have more options or choices in lower quality of services,… Read More

A New Door

This autumn I felt that I needed to listen to music somehow. I listened to many kinds of music except funk when I was in my twenties. So I started to listen to famous funk music and I loved its big heart. But I did not vibe with it so much. On one of my trips to Tokyo, I remembered that I briefly listened to tango music . It made me want to listen to tango again. I was on a bullet train, and searched about tango. By chance I found a… Read More

What is enjoying life?

Usually I don’t need sweets. But this autumn I was constantly subjected to stress because of noisy neighbors with their thumping music. This high stress made me lose three kilos of weight. And my ear canals were infected and it felt like sea sickness because of continuous low-frequencies from the deep bass. So I needed a lot of sweets to survive this crazy situation. I ate only two ice creams this summer, but this stress made me eat a lot of ice cream, sweet jelly, cakes and gelato. The deep bass from… Read More

Uncivilized Behavior

I face uncivilized behavior in the countryside now through explosive sounds from midnight to early morning. After they were warned by the property manager, they pretended to understand it for one or two days. But on the third day, they went back to who they were. They drown in big sounds and don’t care about their impact on or complaint from neighbors. I am blessed to witneess what is truly Japan from the dark side. It is deeper than I imagined. The property manager also wanted to avoid responsibility. So they always… Read More

Good Boys or Good Girls

This year I read an article about resignation syndrome. This happens mainly among children whose families hope to acquire asylum status. They sleep all day without eating, speaking and walking. To tell you the truth, the same thing happens sometimes to children who are not refugees. I mean, you may already know such a child around you. For example, children who have trauma concerning big sounds start falling asleep when they feel tension before an altercation. Even if they start sleep, they feel numb and they are dissociated. Dissociation makes them appear… Read More

Climate Change Wastes Time and Money

Up until ten years ago, I did not need to prepare so much for a typhoon, because typhoons came from the same direction. Always Okinawa was hit first and Honshu was hit second. Before the typhoon, I just needed to bring the stuff on my balcony into my apartment, and I stayed there until the typhoon left. So preparations for the typhoon was quite simple and I needed only about 15 minutes or so. But this year, it seems that the Earth has passed the tipping point of climate change. Typhoons have… Read More

Decreasing the Possibility of Having a Traumatic Experience

These days, we have had many more typhoons, earthquakes and other disasters. Under such situations, we need to pay attention to experiencing trauma from mass media. For example, even if you don’t experience a tsunami, when you see shocking images and videos for a long time, you may experience trauma as if you had gone through it. To decrease the possibility of having a traumatic experience, firstly you should choose text information like newspaper or Twitter not TV or Youtube. It will help you to get appropriate information without having extra emotional… Read More


I have been annoyed with my skin disorder for over two weeks. I loved the feeling when I swim of how my shoulders could be free from the typical desk work position. I carefully chose a high-quality swimming pool, and at least it was much better than other pools which I had used. So it was bad news to me. But there was a silver lining to my skin disorder. I had already known other ways to get cardiovascular exercise other than through swimming. One way was to order a custom mask… Read More

How to Recover from Tiredness from a Workout?

I have been walking every two or three days. I have added swimming during the summer, but unfortunately the more I swim, the more my skin has been damaged beyond my daily skin care.  So now I have stopped swimming. This made me feel a bit down. But anyway the weather has allowed me to go walking again.  So at least now I can pursue other ways to get physical strength. And I often wondered why people can’t find how to recover from physical fatigue. So,today I will share how I recover… Read More

The Weight of Brown Bears

In Shiretoko, Hokkaido, I was most surprised by how brown bears’ weights change. Our image of brown bears is contrary to the facts. They become most skinny between July and August not after waking up from hibernation in the Spring. And when they become most fat is in October. In some areas, like Shiretoko where salmon and whales live, brown bears can be super fat in the Fall. They increase their weight by half or double compared to their weight between July and August. They rarely eat deer in Spring. Deer are… Read More