When Our Energy Flow Shifts

Do you realize that all traditional ceremony dates are set when our energy flow shifts?

In Japan, we have a custom to celebrate or experience ceremonies with red bean dishes such as red bean rice, cakes with bean paste fillings, red bean soup with rice cakes, etc.

For example, we traditioanally prepare red bean rice to celebrate menstruation. It helps us to recognize that we need to change and learn about our new energy system. For example, in traditonal merchant houses, they eat red bean rice on the first day of every month, regardless of whether they had strong or weak sales in the previous month. They want to have a fresh start with a new state of mind. For example, big white and red cakes with bean paste fillings are distributed to each of us during our high school graduation ceremony day. It’s like taking off a school uniform to jump into freedom.

I had lots of red bean dishes in my life. And I noticed that red beans help reset our energy flow. For example, if you feel stuck in your relationship or you cannot confront something which is important to you, please eat red bean dishes.

March and April are full of beginnings in Japan. School finishes in March and starts in April. In between, we usually experience the cherry blossom season. Red bean food can be your partner to have a fresh start and to clean up before you move on.