Rosemary and Cedar Oil

I have used essential oils for almost 20 years in my daily life. I have preferred mild ones like neroli for a long time. But this June I instinctively bought rosemary and cedar oil. They are strong especially for our skin. I decided to mix them a little bit into my shampoo and hair conditioner. Both promote blood circulation in your scalp and make your hair healthier. They made me feel refreshed as if I got a scalp massage.

And also both are bug repellents. Aromatherapists often recommend basil to clean my home because it purifies the air and the energy in the room. But basil attracts some bugs. What is more, when I used it in my room, I felt that I was living in an Italian kitchen. So I stopped using basil for cleaning.

I tried cedar and rosemary for cleaning. Rosemary helps with concentration. Cedar prevents respiratory infections. I thought that this did help me with concentration and respiration, and it repelled bugs during the rainy season.

I am becoming familiar with other kinds of strong essential oils. I am looking forward to being supported by them this coming summer.