Yin and Yang.

In Kyoto, the temperature dropped below zero on the second week of March. We had unseasonable snow as if the season was rewinded. And in the following week, temperature reached over 20℃. The temperature difference of a day was almost 15℃. And such things are happening all over the world.


Riding the roller coaster of temperatures may keep you from feeling even keel. In such a case, the concept of Yin and Yang will help you to choose right.

On a sudden warm day, there is more yang than ying energy. So we need to add ying energy or diminish yang energy. To add yin energy, slowing down, meditation, staying indoors and stretching at night time will work for you. For example, to reduce yang energy, instead of reading books in a sitting position, read books with laying down on the sofa.

On a sudden cold day, there is more yin than yang energy. So we need to add yang energy or reduce yin energy. To add yang energy, do a heavy workout rather than yoga in the morning, drink regular tea rather than spiced tea and go outside. For example, to decrease yin energy, please read books in a sitting positon and have some conversations about that book.

Basically yang energy helps us to do something speedy and move forward. Yin energy helpes us to feel spacious and deepen ourselves.

On a day which is filled with yang energy, you can be productive. On a day which is filled with yin energy, you can cherish who you are and how you are. Both are equally important for us.

If you can use those two different energies appropriately, you don’t need to be afraid of the roller coaster of temperatures. Just use it to be happier!