Spring Cleaning

I do house cleaning every month. And I think that you will especially benefit from spring cleaning because our body is usually covered in coldness during winter. Cleaning is a good exercise to awaken and stimulate our body in a healthy way.

Our body is shifting to a spring one now. In each season, different internal organs play a main role in detoxification. In spring, the liver and the gallbladder lead detoxification.

If you drink or eat too much, your liver and gallbladder cannot concentrate on spring detoxification. You give extra work for your liver and gallbladder. You hinder their most important work.

If you have a low appetite and don’t drink, your liver and gallbladder can concentrate on spring detoxification, because you do not sabotage their functions. And even so, it will be easier to feel frustration and anger than in other seasons.

Even if you don’t hinder your liver and gallbladder, they have a lot of tasks during the spring. The liver and gallbladder are deeply related to frustration, upset and anger. Metaphorically speaking, our liver and gallbladder feel easily overwhelmed.

In other words, spring helps us to face our hidden frustrations, unseen upsets and cover anger. You will be released from those emotions and take their energy back as a part of you. For that, sometimes light body work or physical movement work like cleaning.

I recommend wiping walls and ceilings as we do before moving day. If you have lived in your current home for many years and haven’t wiped them, you will be astonished by the dirtiness. And you will feel satisfied.

Please enjoy your spring cleaning in your house and in your body.