There Is The Sun and Wind Just Outside, But It Feels Far Away.

The effect of PM2.5 is serious in western Japan. When I moved to Kyoto, the spring haze on the mountains was so beautiful. Japanese bush warblers sang in operatic voices. I was usually wrenched from sleep by their loud voices before the alarm clock went on.

But only after five years, sometimes I cannot see the mountains because of PM2.5. Japanese bush warblers sing in smaller voices than before as if they have smaller lungs. Now, I strain to hear their voices. I guess that they naturally suppress their breathing to save their body from dirty air.I involuntarily keep my laundry inside. And I change how and when I do the laundry. It disrupted my daily habits like a domino effect. There is the sun and wind just outside, but it feels far away.

When the level of PM2.5 is low, usually it means rain or snow. But amazingly, these last two days have had a low level of PM2.5 and almost always sunny. I could happily put my futon outside.  I could wash my big blankets, carpets and many other things because the sun and wind can make it dry quickly. I was so happy.

I knew that some plants like sansevieria can decontaminate chemicals such as formaldehyde. And I found on Google, some curtains with similar functions. I have a big Blueair, which is a good, famous air purifier, in my room. I know they work. But it is not enough for all livings to inhale and exhale healthily.

We definitely need clean air. And for that we need to shift our lifestyle to one which is good for all plants and animals. Because none of us can live without breathing. This year I have supported some activities to clean up air. We must act more.