We Had Such A Beauty Way The Same As Wolves

Few weeks ago, I saw a documentary of wolves “Living with Wolves”.  Three years ago,a photo of extinct wolves by human activities caught my heart. Since then, wolves has been a special exisistence for me. I respect them and admire them. Their existence sometimes encourage me to live on this dirty gray Earth which is totally far away from blue planet as this photo by Japan Meterological Agency’s Himawari-8 satelite. Blue planet is our ideal and unfact vision of the Earth.

true earth color
quote from: dailymail.co.uk

“Living with Wolves” shows us how we can build a healthy relationship between wolves and us. Also this reminds us to remeber a natural life rythm like living with sunrise and sleeping with sunset. Artificial separation creates lots of diseases, fears and anxiety. It pushes us to forget our humanity. We need to remember that who we are ,as a part of the Earth.

Let’s change our lifestyle to the one which does not disturb Earth rhythm. Let’s have some clear distance from anthropocentric living way. When we centered our humanity in our life, naturally we will be back to the life which harmonize with the Earth and other living things including wolves.

We humans also have such a beauty way the same as wolves in this documentay. We need to go back to be human from chunk of greed.