Massage Your Big Toes Everyday.

Do you know that your big toes have seven pressure points corresponding to your head, nose and neck?

On the big toe, the area which faces the second toe between the interpharangeal joint and the metatarsopharangeal joint is for the neck. If you have some kind of neck pain, please massage this part gently.

The area facing away from the other toes, which is on the interpharangeal joint is for the nose. For improving hay fever, massaging this point will help you.

Other places in your big toe is all about your head except the ears and eyes. Pressure points of the ears and eyes are on other toes.

I think that most people think too much. While you are taking a bath in a bathtub, please massage your big toes gently and precisely every day. It reduces your headache problem, too.

These are simplified instructions. It’s actually a lot more complex. But I think that the first steps should be easy. So I won’t write those things. If you try it over one week every day, you will feel that massaging your big toes is helpful. In that case, you will seek the next steps by yourself.

There are many books and a lot of infomation on the internet. Your curiosity will guide you to the second step smoothly. Anyway, mesasge your big toes everyday.