The Pelvis Is Made of One Big Bone?

Do you know where your sacrum is? It exists vertically between the coccyx and the lumbar region. Horizontally, it exists between the ilium bones and connected to the sacroiliac joints.

According to my experience, many coaching clients believed that the pelvis is made of one big bone. The facts are contrary to that image. The pelvis is made of many bones including the sacrum, the ilium bones, the sit bones, and the pubis.

Above all, you need to be conscious of your sacrum in your pelvis. For example, the second sacral vertebra of the sacrum is the key point for tuning women’s bodies. If you are a woman, tuning the second sacral helps to decrease your stress.

To decrease the effect of a burn injury, the second sacral vertebra of the sacrum is also a vital spot. The whole sacrum is deeply related to the genitals.

Before asking others about your body, please be conscious of it. You may tune your body by yourself to some extent. You will be amazed at that experience.