How the Unconscious Mind Works in Our Daily Life

In the past few years, silicon scalp brushes, similar in appearance to the ”kenzan” used in Japanese flower arrangements, have become very popular in Japan. I have been using it as a pressure point-pushing product to promote blood circulation on my scalp.

One day, I felt a tugging sensation on the skin of my back, just behind my heart. I picked up that scalp brush without thinking and placed it between my back and the back of the tub. After a few minutes, the sensation disappeared. It helped to loosen up the places that myofascial release with a stretch pole would not have loosened up.

Another day, I made an error when I booked an online Pilates class as usual. Somehow I booked a Pilates class using stretch poles. Fortunately, I wanted to know more about myofascial release variations using the stretch pole. It was as if what I wanted had just fallen into my hands.

Now, what do the two stories above have in common? These two stories illustrate how the unconscious mind works. The unconscious mind makes happy choices for each of us that the conscious mind cannot come to mind. The unconscious mind works at two main times, as indicated above. One is when we start doing something without thinking. The other is when we make some errors.