Golden Opportunities

Roller coaster weather has been the norm these days. And it has caused mosquitoes and horseflies in my area this November.

I shook the laundry on the balcony before taking it in. But every day, they came into my room. After a week, I came to admire their willingness to take any opportunity to survive. They valued their chances!

And December came. Watching Japan beat Spain in the World Cup reminded me of these bugs because they were good at seizing golden opportunities like bugs. Also, in my eyes, Japanese players seemed to live in the time and space they hoped for as if it were right there. It is what bugs can not do.  I thought they valued their future, too.

And now we are invited to have golden opportunities to live in the time and space each of us hoped for as if it is right there.  It is the most precious gift from the World Cup in Qatar. Don’t you think so?