Immediately It Worked.

I am always very interested in conditioning my body. Professional athletes do it precisely. So I sometimes check their routines before playing sports.

One day, I found this video by a Japanese big-league player on Youtube. And I also watched this video about his struggles and annoyance with his undiagnosed feelings of unwellness.

He blindly groped for two years and found this new Japanese method which is called “Sebone (backbone) Conditioning” as follows;

In this method, we use small equipment, made of urethane foam, similar to StretchPole. And I have used StretchPole for more than 7 years. So I thought it would also work for me. I bought a sort of Sebone Conditioning basic set.

When I used it, I was surprised at having good blood flow in a few minutes. I also used it to adjust my neck, and immediately I could feel my neck soften. So I decided to implement this in my routines. I love to improve my routines as I mentioned. What is your routine to make you happy?