Nuggets of Wisdom for the Ears

In my area, the rainy season has started earlier than usual. We have lost the usual delicious weather of typical May. Rainfall has continued for a week on green and small hydrangeas which means nature is not ready for the yearly rainy season. I often hear the sirens blaring to signal the release of water from dams.

Under such circumstances, I needed to stay home. So I listened to a lot of podcasts. Listening to podcasts is one of the easiest ways to learn English, because we can do it while cleaning our room or doing some stretches. Listening to the top news in different countries was very interesting and they tell me about a variety of political situations.

And in one of the most interesting programs they were talking about some tips on how to learn English for non-native English speakers through the lens of experts. What I remember is the following two tips. One is “You will never be a native English speaker, accept it!” I laughed! And another one is, “Learning English is doing, not knowing.” I nodded a lot.

Also in other podcasts, there were great nuggets of wisdom such as, “Humor comes from truth” and, “To write well, read texts of economists, because they write it clearly and simply.” I never thought that I could read economists’ writings to write well. I really want to do it. Rainy days which made me stay home opened a lot of doors to live richly.