If You Have Loved Ones Who Are Girls or Women

I’ve started reading a book called “From Outrage to Courage: The Unjust and Unhealthy Situation of Women in Poorer Countries and What They Are Doing about It” written by Anne Firth Murray. Under the world affected by COVID-19 for over a year, I wanted to have a wider lens to see myself and the world. Even if we can’t go far away, we can have an adventure with many new lenses to see the world objectively.

At first, I was very impressed by Anne’s presence because she looked someone who walks the talk. She has devoted her life to supporting women’s human rights. And she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. So her words touched my heart, even if they are just describing some data like “79% of females over the age of fifteen are literate.”

And also when I read her observations about the “son preference,” I cried. The preference for sons over daughters exists both in my family, my mothers’ family and many coaching clients’ families. I was very familiar with it through my work. In the first chapter, she wrote “their births are all too often something more to be endured than to be celebrated.” When I read this sentence, I said “Yes”. Objectively, Japan is not a poor country but the “son preference” still exists and I witness it almost every day in my life. And this issue is deeply related to sexual trauma.

I just finished 10 percent of this brilliant book, but I can recommend it to you, if you have loved ones who are women or girls. We can see many things around women not only from the perspective of the social and economic system but also from human rights and many more. It will help you to love your loved ones more. And Anne’s dignity which is shown in her writings is also worthy of being respected as a way of living for all humans.