Crystal Clear State of Being

I love to create and keep a crystal clear state of being in me. I think that it is a prerequisite step to live in happiness.

And for that, recently I started to listen to podcasts. When I listen to university lectures, I can organize what I already know and get some new concepts to deepen it. Metaphorically speaking, blindly swimming in the ocean is different from swimming in the ocean with maps and life-saving equipment.

In addition, I began to listen to English and French conversation programs on the radio. Briefly, they offer live and real English and French conversation which are incomparably better than 30 years ago. I am glad to find great progress in English and French education. I felt that it gave me more options to keep on studying them. Also they complement what I could not learn well as if to fill in the blanks.

This spring those audio resources help me to be crystal clear. How about you?