New Study

I am living in an area which is far from the ocean. So a variety of sea colors aren’t in my daily life. Unfortunately, I have no knowledge of understanding the colors. And when I talked to people who live near the ocean, they sometimes sense climate change from its changing colors.

But after I saw “Seaspiracy” this March, I was awakened as if I were an uprooted old stump. I still cannot see the daily sea colors from my place. So I started to search how the ocean is. Because currently I rarely buy fish in a supermarket, I doubted the eco certification mark which authenticates sustainability.

As far as I know, fish labels are allowed to use ocean-fresh fishery harbor names if it meets some conditions in Japan. And as “Seaspiracy” pointed out, illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing has an unseen slavery system. 13 to 31 percent of all fish caught this way. Something which happens on the ocean can be easily hidden.

And also, fishes are injured or are killed from the loud noises of fishing like massive internal injuries by shock wave. I never thought about it. So this was a shocking thing to find out. And ocean acidification is urgently needed to be solved. According to the Japanese Meteorological Institute, it is also serious in Japanese coastal waters. Can you imagine swimming in lemon juice?

Marine pollution has impacted climate change greatly. So I will keep on studying for the ocean and will start something good this spring. Did you start studying for something new this spring?