Craving Connection Causes Disconnection

I saw a movie, “The Game Changers”. According to that, vitamin B12 is basically included only in animal foods. So we need vitamin B12 supplements. But if so, how did our ancestors manage?

The most impactful facts which this movie taught me was that our ancestors took vitamin B12 from the soil which was attached to vegetables and river water. Now our pesticide-treated way kills bacteria in the soil. So not only humans but also livestock need vitamin B12 supplements. Regardless of a plant based diet or animal food diet, 39% of people need more vitamin B12. This is a clear example which craving creates disconnection.

And the opposite way of living is sustainable and ethical living. If we can make Earth back to normal, we don’t need to buy vitamin B12 supplements. And now most of us see many kinds of viruses like enemies. But from the point of view of the Earth, viruses helped biological evolution.

Through the position of Earth, it seems that we are still craving as if we are in before industrial revolution. We always say that connection is important and we need it more. We are craving connection and that attitude makes disconnection. It’ so stupid, isn’t it?

And now we became like archaebacteria for Earth. What do you think about it?