Serenade for String Orchestra in C Major Op.48

On a terrible roller coaster weather day, I felt physically challenged. At that moment, I needed to walk from the nearest station to my house. I thought that I needed some music which would preserve the energy that was still left in me. I do not mean that I pushed myself with music like a military march. It meant that I tried to harmonize myself as if I guarded fire from a strong wind. And I had no music on my iPhone, so I tried to remember some music which helped me before.

One such music was “Serenade for String Orchestra in C Major Op. 48” composed by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky. It was used in “Serenade” which is a ballet choreographed by George Balanchine. And I love it, so I knew this music. When I remember this music, I also remember the movements of the ballet dancers and the colorful lighting on the stage, as if I could enjoy the performance now.

After I came home, I started to search in my head to find other such music that had a similar impact on me. And I remembered the “Holberg Suite” which I often listened to last year. And also I remembered “Morning Mood” which is a part of Edvard Grieg’s “Peer Gynt, Op. 23” which was the morning music in my elementary days. When I was in a bad mood, this music washed it away. The music made me recall the schoolyard and a clock which was attached to the front of the elementary school building. All of these musical pieces also helped to create inner harmony.

Last year, I listened to a variety of performances of the “Holberg Suite”. Depending on the musicians and directors, the feelings of the sounds changed from soft linen towels to crisp cotton shirts. We can explore an abundant world through one musical piece. Exposing me to a range of choices made me feel as if I was feeling a nice wind. Its feeling invited me to new senses as if I could be Mary Poppins.

When we can find music which create an inner harmony, we can naturally move forward without having a game face. So when you want to move forward, you need neither carrots which represent rewards nor stick which symbolize stimulation. We just need to live in harmony. And for me, the best music to harmonize in me up until now, has been “Serenade for String Orchestra in C Major Op.48.”