Take A Deep Breath and Be in High Spirits

There is a heating process while making soy sauce. And I did it during my New Year holidays. When we make it at home, we also can enjoy main fermenting mashes, which is called “moromi,” as a bonus. It smells so good. According to the article about soy sauce, “moromi” includes roses and tropical fruits as fragrance components.

And this fantastic experience brought me back to the world of bacteria and fungi. Recently I was attracted by Danish furniture designs. But the microscopic world turned my perspective from design to functions. I rememberd that I hadn’t been to wholesale stores for years.

I loved to go there because I could see rare tools. And those tools taught me my blinds spots. So I started to check websites which were kind of wholesale stores. For example I saw a small cooking tool which can clean the fish innards. And the variety of laundry machines were very different from the usual shopping websites like Amazon. There are a lot of functional tools for professionals. There are more options than reorganizers like Marie Kondo suggests. And I felt that I was encouraged and took a deep breath.

I will check more wholesale stores for professionals proactively from now on to take a deep breath and be in high spirits.