Knowledge is Freedom

Today, I walked around as is my habit. And I saw neatly mowed wild grass. A few of patches of wild grass were still there but they were wilting.

Recently, I walked in the city to run my errands. So when I started to walk towards the mountains after a few weeks, I was surprised by the short wild grasses along the rice fields. It seemed that the world was suddenly painted brown.

But it was just my first impression. In a minute, I found three different yellow flowers in a brown world. Their petals were almost closed because it was in the evening. But I knew that they were not the same flowers by using an app. And it gave me joy. Also I felt that knowledge was power.

I have felt that knowledge is power through my job training this year. This year I asked clinical therapists who have worked over 20 years to share their knowledge. Basically we coaches don’t need to know details about mental sickness. What we need to know is whether clients need to be healed or fixed.

But clients need some kind of guide to find a good doctor, and for that I actually need details about mental sickness as if I worked in a hospital. So I have read a lot of books and articles regarding that. But it was difficult to understand it clearly as I experienced it. So this year clinical therapists gave me a lot of knowledge and it is more helpful than I imagined. I know that a little knowledge is dangerous. But this year they are standing back as if they have my back. This gave me freedom.

I thought like when I saw the three different yellow flowers. Knowledge gave me freedom. How have you been getting your freedom?