“A Second Spring”

Currently I am enjoying a colorful world around me. As Camus once remarked, “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

As for autumn leaves, I prefer plane trees more than maple trees which are instagrammable. For me, the colors of autumn plane trees look more sophisticated and make me imagine the sounds of Keith Jarrett. So I feel that it gives me a variety of beauty.

And actually my favorite autumn leaves are not on trees. Fortunately, I can find varieties of wild grasses during my walks. And some of their leaves turn. Their red or yellow leaves are more harmonized in nature. Their colors exist but they never appear so suddenly to me like maple trees in a city. I feel that their harmonic way of being makes them more beautiful.

It also shows a definition of beauty for me. We are allowed to feel a variety of beauty. And what kind of beauty is most attractive to you? How do you enjoy your second spring?