Open Your Heart Bigger.

These days the temperature drops down to two degrees. So early morning walks require winter clothes. But we have a high of 19 degrees. So after sunrise, the temperature goes up sharply.

The sun rises at 6:20. So when I go out at around 6 o’clock, I can enjoy the winter world. Plants and flowers are covered with morning dew which are frosty. They look so sharp.

But after 7 o’clock, their morning dew loses its beauty. Because as the temperature goes up, they become soaking wet like after a heavy rain. Their appearance loses their sharpness. And after 7:40, they lose most of the morning dew and everything looks all painted as autumn.

Also currently I can find the impact of climate change in the sky. It’s the first time I’ve seen a flock of black-eared kites over the mountains. I can hear their cries at all hours.

As just described, I enjoy what is the change in my daily life as a part of the Earth. When we take back a sense of a part of all life, we naturally decrease fear against any kinds of changes.

Especially in the EU, the COVID-19 situation looks serious. But before pouring your energy into growing your fear, you should feel nature through your window or even during your meals. When you open your heart, you will take back your subtlety of your body, and it guides you to be a part of all life.