New Sensations

This summer, I started to use silk pajamas. Before, I occasionally bought silk clothes. But some of them were made of low quality silk. And some of them were outfits which did not touch my skin so much. So I prefered cotton and linen.

But one day, my mom gave me a big silk scarf. And it seemed to melt under my touch. And when I read a book written by a professional laundryman, I learned that I could wash them using ordinary powdered soap, not a special soap for silk. So I could step into a new sensations from silk pajamas.

And on the first silk night, I was so surprised by its sensations. It was as if I were part silk or I got new skin. And the next morning, I got dressed and wore cotton clothes. Again, I was surprised by its feeling. Because I was clearly separate from cotton and I had my old usual skin. I lost a feeling of being a part of something. I felt that as if the cotton clothes declared, “Here is your boundary. And I am cotton which is not you.”

From that night, my sleep quality improved. And I am still surprised. It makes me want to buy more silk clothes this autumn.