New Preparations for Between the Seasons

As we feel climate change in our daily life, we are exposed to many quick changes like two typhoons a week in Okinawa. We need to change our perspective about seasonal preparations.

From that point of view, I recommend some exercise to keep your upper body flexible. Because extremely hot weather is a burden on our respiratory system we miss out on a smooth transition from summer to autumn. In addition, we often go back and forth between over 35 degrees outdoors to around 20 degree indoors. It makes our back stiff.

Even if we have four clear seasons and the slow seasons’ transitions, we have a tendency to have decreased mobility between each rib in autumn. So I think that having a flexible upper body will help your autumn be healthy and comfortable.

When the temperature falls below 33 degrees, I start to do Yoga during the daytime in addition to the nighttime. And it really helps to get back my flexibility.  After we lose the slow transition in our daily life, we always need such preparations as a part of our daily life. Maybe it is part of “The New Normal”.