Support and Be Supported.

I love small shops which sell their original products and were established a hundred years ago. When I find such shops, I passionately support them as much as I can.

And Gekkoso in Ginza is one of those shops; .They sell their original art supplies, postcards and related goods. They also have a cafe and an art gallery.

When I lived in Tokyo, I sometimes stopped by. Gekkoso helped make art accessible to me. It has a unique charm not a soulless chain store like Sekaido. Gekkoso’s products are friendly like small birds which chirp. So I am not overwhelmed by them and can move towards art. They always help me awaken my passion for art even if I am not good at it.

And today I finally bought an art set. Before buying it, I researched the appropriate thickness of paper suitable for each drawing media. And I became confused and stuck. Then I remembered Gekkoso and its friendly atmosphere. Gekkoso was a friend who guided me to somewhere I wanted to go.

The heat wave doesn’t allow me to go out, so I will dive into art and connect with something beautiful through my inner world. Now I am supported by Gekkoso which I support.