Caution About Your Manic State

In Japan, we have extremely hot weather like over 40 degrees. And such irregular circumstances sometimes leads us to both a depressive state and a manic state.

A manic state is especially sometimes assessed as being internally motivated. And such a mode makes us overlook heat stroke. For example, when you walk a lot in 40 degree weather you do not
recognize your fatigue. You mistake the fatigue for the result of a workout. And even if you feel a bit of muscle pain as a symptom of heat stroke, you start to think that it is because of exercise.

Amazingly, many media report that many people walk without hats and parasols under such deadly heat. It seems that some people believe the power of a handy electric fan. But the fan does not cool you down. Hot wind irritates our respiratory system.

What we need is, to simply take a rest and admit, “I am exhausted.” Being honest is the easiest way to stay healthy.