“Yes, I Know!”

Have you ever replied to someone, “Yes, I know! I just got started.” In this sentence, “I know!” is your consciousness.

And sometimes, we cannot do something which we consciously want to start. For example, when you want to sleep, as you focus on sleeping, you will resist sleeping. Another example is, when you try to do something well, as you focus on doing it well, you resist doing it well.

These are examples of how your consciousness contains your unconsciousness. And it means an imbalance between your consciousness and unconsciousness.

This imbalance also makes you feel pressed for time everyday and thinking like you are spinning in the air. I’m sure that many of you are already familiar with this feeling.

To harmonize your consciousness with your unconsciousness, you need to be beyond understanding.

For example, when I was walking fast in a shady area in Paris, one person blocked my way. And she said something to me in a small voice. It was already dark so I was rushing to the nearest subway station. But I slowed down and asked her to repeat what she said. Her answer was, “manger!” (I am hungry so I need something to eat). But I was also very hungry and exhausted. So I replied to her “me, too” in French. She looked so surprised and blew away like the wind.

I assume now that maybe she was homeless. If I thought that she were homeless, my attitude would have changed. If we can go beyond our assumptions, we can use our unconsciousness and get back to harmony between consciousness and unconsciousness. And unconsciousness always shows us beautiful thoughts, like we are equally human.