Hopelessly Lost?

When we feel desperation, we are open to the temptation of embracing gloom or giving in to the dark. It is a hard time but full of seeds of hope.

One day, I was in such a situation. I was urged to see a movie, “Mary Poppins Returns,” which I read in my childhood, and I saw it. As you know, literature for children is basically full of wisdom. And we adults need it more than children.

And this movie reminds me of some wisdom which was already in me, as this song “Trip a Little Light Fantastic ” will show you in the next paragraph.

“So when life is getting dreary
Just pretend that you’re a leerie(=lamplighters)
As you trip a little light fantastic with me

Now when you’re stuck in the mist, sure
You can struggle and resist or
You can trip a little light fantastic with me
Now say you’re lost in the crowd, well
You can stamp and scream out loud or
You can trip a little light fantastic with me
And when the fog comes rolling in, just
Keep your feet upon the path
Mustn’t mope and frown or worse, lie down
Don’t let it be your epitaph

So when life is getting scary, be your own illuminary
Who can shine their light for all the world to see
As you trip a little light fantastic with me.”

We are always living in balance. So when we really see desperation without hiding it in front of you, automatically your unconsciousness will show you the most beautiful scene for you. It means that if you try to push the cow into the truck, you won’t succeed. But if you pull the tail, it will run into the truck.

Therefore, if you want to follow the light, just see the worst scene which has no light nor meaning. So you automatically find hope and follow the light. You will be automatically guided by your best scene. In other words, hopelessness is the door to live in hope.