Tunnel Vision

In both Nabari and Tokyo, I feel that people started to have limited eyesight. For example, I saw that children could not stay on the sidewalk at a red light. They run into and wait on the busy street . And many adults start to cross the crosswalk without any hesitation at a red light. The number of people who behave creepy and weird is increasing at a rapid pace.

It seems that they only see where they want to go as if they were wearing swimming goggles which limit their eyesight. I see children age three or younger have a wider view or broader eyesight more than people aged four or older. This made me sad and I was at a loss for words.

And do you recognize that there is some relationship between climate change and such people’s behavior? In short, Earth is getting worse so we humans are also getting worse. When Earth became unhealthy, we humans also became unhealthy. It is impossible to feel happiness when Earth gets sick, because we are a part of Earth. So tunnel vision embodies the morbid state of humans.

Many people still think that considering Earth is only for activists. Many people treat it as a difference of values. But I don’t think so. Because it is all about our life. Earth influences our life directly. I think that eco-activism is required for all global citizens.