Beyond Design and Belief

Many people care about colors and shapes in their room. Especially when we get lots of money, we have a tendency to be critical of such designs in our rooms or our stuff. And many people value their beliefs. Especially when they become famous, they have a tendency to enshrine it.

But I think that there is truth beyond design and belief. And when we live in truth, everything goes smoothly rather than being attached to design and belief. When we take back subtlety in our body, we can collect information through five senses and the senses of internal organs like gut feelings. If we do it, we can easily realize that design is just a part of space, and belief is just a part of our whole body system.

It is the shortest way to realize world peace and a healthier Earth which many people hope for. Unfortunately, both design and belief have their limits regarding their influence. We can transcend such limits through our potential subtlety. I think that it is true hope for all of us.