Noisy Neighors

I am mad at my noisy neighbors who moved in this March. It’s like deja vu from my last neighbors. I complained very quickly to the apartment management company. But the noisy neighbors lied about their noise as follows: “We don’t remember such behavior at all. We don’t know anything about it.” But they chatted until four o’clock in the morning. I hear tapping noise all throughout the day and night. And they listen to music without headphones and watch TV at a high volume.

The apartment management company called them and posted a notice which warned against such behavior. But they haven’t stopped it. If it is a big noise which can be heard from outiside, police can intervene. But unfortunately, it can’t be heard from outside.

And the most of what I want to avoid being woken up just as I fall asleep. Because it makes me feel angry and anger keeps me totally awake. This state of tension creates diabetes and high blood pressure. In short, if I keep on getting angry, I will increase the chances of developing some disease as I described.

To decrease such risk, I found a good solution, so I will share it with you. If we keep on getting angry, we use a specific part of our brain. It creates a bad blood flow in the brain. If we improve it, we can also use our anger in a healthy way to protect our dignity. First make the shape of eyeglasses with your hands and put them up to your eyes, and look through them for ten seconds while saying “see” to yourself. And secondly, make ear horns with your hands and hold them up to your ear as if you are listening to a whisper and think to yourself, “hear” for ten seconds. And thirdly, hug yourself and think to yourself, “feel” for ten seconds. This helps our brain blood circulation. We need to these three steps for three times, for a total of one and a half minutes.

Anger helpes us to protect our dignity and also anger harms us. And we can choose. Anyway, I hope my noisy neighbors go away soon.