I Should Pursue It

I took part in a casual incense burning class in Nara. I had already taken part in an incence burning class in Tokyo, so I already had some knowledge. But this was the first time to choose ingredients and blend them by myself.

Basically, incense ingredients are divided into kinds of quality ranges, like sharp to sweet and heavy to light. I had a tendency to like sweet and heavy. And almost all of them came from southern coutries like India. And herbs in southern countries improve digestion. So many participants started to feel hungry or have grumbling stomachs while blending their scents. It was very interesting.

Most of the ingredients of incense are used as spices in cooking, but it is the lowest quality. The highest quality is always used for ingredients of incence and the second highest quality is always used for chinese medicine. It came as a surprise to me. In Japan, incense sticks which were made in the Edo Era, are the most popular form of incense. But since the 6th century, incense has been used in Japan. It was fun to learn about the history of incense.

Actually, the week before of this incense class, I took part in an event of Japanese herbs. Some of them were the same. And it was very fun. So I thought that I really loved such kinds of herbs and spices and I should pursue it more! What do you pursue more?