I know that people need to have a sense of belonging as a basic need. And nobody should be excluded. On the other hand, currently, many people have a tendency to excessively  attach a sense of belonging. For example, many homemakers rush to buy storage goods like storage racks and storage boxes at 100 yen shops. They believe that all things have a sense of belonging, so they gently write the address on each of things. They feel guilty if something is not in a proper place.

But the sense of non-belonging is seen as freshness and a surprise to us. In traditional Japanese musical “Noh”, Noh actors believed that freshness and rareness are always in the place of non-belonging. So to survive “Noh”, I interpret that they cherished the sense of non-belonging, . Freshness, surprise and rareness are triggers to attract and recall fun. In other words, the sense of non-belonging continuously gives a life to “Noh”.

So I suggest that we appreciate the sense of non-belonging more.