What is choice?

We sometimes say that we have more choices or options than before. As if we cannot feel safe and stable without thinking like that.  We want to believe we are evolving through more choices.

But are we always upgrading who we are, how we are, and what we serve? When some software is automatically updated, we often feel discomfort and stress. Many people miss the old days. If we have truly evolved, we shouldn’t feel like that.

I have observed that we have more options or choices in lower quality of services, goods and work. If we try to find a higher quality version of them, we would know that they are less than before. In fact, the amount of unwanted garbage is increasing, but the quality of essential services, goods, and work is amazingly decreasing more than we think. For example, we are losing clean water, soil and air. In Japan, carpenters could build temples and shrines which have stood for over 1000 years. But now only a few carpenters have those skills.

We have wider choices or options but basically we are losing high quality things as well as a high quality consciousness. Do you think we have evolved?