5 Degrees Difference

I have been walking for two hours every other day since last autumn. One day in December, I noticed that I was walking slower than before. And I realized that that is because it dropped below 5 degrees Celsius. My body automatically slowed down my walking pace to protect my body.

In January, the temperature never went above 0 degrees. For almost one week we had snow but it didn’t stick on the ground. Almost all ponds and gullies were solidly frozen. At around the same time, there were heavy snows in Tokyo. Because of the low temperature and high moisture levels, it was hard to dry my laundry.

Under 0 degrees, even if I walked over 30 minuites, my hands were still cold. And one of the problems was black ice. On the road, there was thin ice which was hard to see. But sometimes, we had rain, too. So if I wore rain boots, I didn’t need to be careful of puddles but it was more slippery on black ice. Maybe I should buy snow boots which are water repellent and non-slip.

After a week of freezing weather, the temperature rose above 5 degrees. Most of the ice melted and the river water got turbid. I could walk amazingly faster than before. After starting regular walking, my metabolism clearly improved and I could feel my muscles get bigger. Hay fever season will annoy me, but I am trying to overcome it because I want to keep on walking.