If you feel suffering from miscommunication despite your best efforts, just simply say the core of what you think and feel. And please just trust the power of your thought and feeling. Because they are energy.

That energy keeps on flying into the air like an arrow beyond time and space, and try to reach someone whom you wanted to communicate with. That energy ends up in some house, land or things like bags. For example, when you feel something warm and gentle from an antique table, maybe that table was used with a warm and gentle feeling. And when you visit some creepy place and you feel chilly, something traumatic may have happened in that place, like murder. As these examples show, our thoughts and feelings remain in something that is tangible. We sometimes sense our ancestors’ thoughts and feelings without knowing it. So sometimes your dream is not yours and it belongs to one of your ancestors. That is why we can find many similarities between us and our ancestors like when a great grandfather is a doctor and his son is a doctor and his grandson is also a doctor.

As I wrote, even if thoughts and feelings are nameless, we can catch it. And secret feelings and hidden thoughts also influence us. So if you really want to communicate with someone from love, try to purify your thoughts and feelings, and release them like an arrow. Receiving your arrow or not depends on that person whom you want to communicate with. So you cannot control it. After that, what you can do is just wait with trust.