What Makes You Strong?

Many people believe that I am strong so I don’t cry. But it is not true. If we are strong, we can hold our tears and heartbreaks. In many cases, tears symbolize that you are strong.

Many people try to benumb themselves as if they were never tired or could be influenced by others. Because they don’t know the difference between separating themselves from the world and being strong. If you are strong, you are never in denial. You never ignore or loosen your focus on what you see, where you are, what you can do, and what you cannot do. Even if we can do nothing, we can surrender to that situation and start something from nothing. If you are strong, you can always create something from nothing, something, and everything.

And diminishing yourself by obeying something or someone in a heteronomous way, you will be weaker. Let me illustrate this in a metaphorical way. Do you know that bodybuilders’ immunity weakens especially before a bodybuilding contest? They looks so strong, but they are susceptible to cold viruses and heal poorly from injury. They look strong but in fact they are weak. Because they reduce fat cells that send a message of, “Viruses came into our body,” to our brain. When we exclude something in a heteronomous way, we collapse ourselves. And it never leads us to “I am strong.”