Trust Your Life

On New Year’s Day, I had a different time than past New Year’s Days. My new year started with internet shopping. I did not prepare traditional New Year’s dishes except rice cake soup called “ozouni”. I did a lot of laundry as a part of every month’s house cleaning. And I saw a movie “Five Flights Up”. I thought that this movie symbolized my feeling on New Year’s Day.

In this movie, one old couple started to think about selling their apartment. There was no elevator in their apartment, and they felt that it got harder for them. In short, they recognized that they had been and they were in a beautiful and meaningful world. They knew how they built a good life in their apartment. They acknowledged where they were, what they built and how they did many things. It was a rich moment to know that they had made a fuss over nothing like other characters in the movie.

We sometimes make much ado about nothing as if we were drowning in a bathtub, even if nothing happens. And it is a good time to acknowledge where we are, what we have built and how we have done things. Life is still good as always.

We can trust our life. Because Life is good. So I decided that I will trust my life and be guided by my life without any control or intention. What I will do this year is just simply trusting in my life. Why don’t you join in trusting in your life as I will?