“Still Alice”

When we transform ourselves like butterflies, we tend to fear changes of perception of ourselves and the perception of others. We often confuse ourselves with our memories which include how we identify ourselves.

When we lose some ability that we are not good at, we don’t mind it so much. But when we lose some ability that we are good at, we tend to be attached to it, because we feel it is a part of us.

For example, adults who were bad at playing sports, don’t mind if they cannot do back hip circles at 40 years old. But adults who were good at sports, and identify themselves as amateur athletes, cannot accept the reality and some of them are attached to being able to do back hip circles and will injure their back.

For us, maturing in life means losing some skills of what we used to do. And also this helps us to transcend our ego and think about Earth over seven generations. “Still Alice” helps us to experience this process a little bit. We will be able to think about who we are deeper than before and will be supported to prepare more for having illness, aging, and suffering from disasters.