Progress Produced Complexity

In my garden on the balcony, bugs ate all the mints, some lemon balm, some Japanese basil, some clover and some blueberry leaves. This is the first time to see only stalks of mints in my life. It is because of garden pets which are called “yotoumushi”. They are nocturnal palmer-worms. So every night I try remove them with a flashlight.

Climate change collapses an ecosystem. For example, pests increase, the venom of bugs become stronger, sudden strong rains wash away dried soil and forest fires increase.

Even though we are already in a rainy season, we have a dry air advisory every day. We have strong sunshine outside but we need to keep laundry inside because of the smog. To dry laundry we use a home dryer on such a dry day to keep mold from growing on it. Is it like a comical farce?

Progress produced complexity. Can we laugh at it? Should we choose some kind of positive perspective?

No. We just need to shift our lifestyle to fit the scale of our life. Progress produced a bigger ego and pumped up our greedy lifestyle.