Kidney Season.

It is getting cold now. While I was walking to the nearest station, I met two Japanese Shiba dogs that already had winter fur.

In autumn, the urinary system leads our body to detox. And we tend to contract our bodies to protect it. At the same time, sometimes our heart stays in the summer time, so we sometimes mischoose our clothes. And the temperature gap between daytime and nighttime disturbs us our ability to choose the appropriate clothes for sleeping. Therefore in this cool and agreeable season, we sometimes overcool our body.

And overcooling burdens the kidneys. And this makes our body ready to fight. It creates an agressive attitude. Everything starts from your body not your heart. Your body condition creates your emotion.

To decrease the burden for the kidneys, please prepare hot gel packs and wrap it in a towel. Then put it under your lower back during sleeping to cover the third lumbar vertebra. Also eating azuki beans and pumpkin helps to decrease pressure on the kidneys.

I hope that you have a kind attitude towards your kidneys this autumn.