In a Dysfunctional Setting.

Do you feel the Earth through your six senses rather than knowing the Earth through media?  Most people do not know about their body despite knowing what happens on the opposite side of the Earth. Don’t you think that it is very strange?

It shows our dysfunctional body. When we have a dysfunctional body, we rely too much on our head which is a part of the body. It is the same as a company which relies on their head office excessively.

Currently, every family is dysfunctional. Each nation is dysfunctional. And Earth is dysfunctional. We are always in a dysfunctional setting, if we do nothing. I think that our first step is feeling the Earth through our six senses and knowing our body in detail before checking media and knowing about the opposite side of the Earth.

We need to break free from a dysfunctional setting for all of us.