Preparation for Summer

Last summer, I learned about special curtains which can reflect seventy percent of the heat from outside. And this winter, my old curtains started to get ragged as if a cat scratched them. So I had the chance to buy these curtains.

In Kyoto, we had eight unusual hot days which marked the hottest May on record. Without enjoying spring, I was pushed to prepare for summer. I bought the special curtains, a ramie bed sheets which is different from linen. Ramie products were traditionally used for summer in Japan. But it has a rough feeling and becomes crushed with washing. So people used them less and less. But currently, it is making a comeback.

Unusual heat encouraged me to try new things. Every clouds has a silver lining. Bad situations help us release from something which we are attatched to. Let’s enjoy this summer and shift our life to an earth-recovering life.