Sweets for Cooling Down

Because of climate change, we had many abnormally hot days in Kyoto this May. This out of season weather brought me loquats which I ordered from a farmer, three weeks ahead of schedule.

I made loquats and sweet Watson pomelo compote with white wine. Loquats can cleanse our blood. Fruit compote usually keeps for ten days. After ten days pass, I will put them in a blender then keep it in a freezer to enjoy as sherbet. It will help me to cool down during summer time.

And also I made some cooling down sweets with mung beans, hand-made Japanese plum syrup, agar and Japanese mugwort. As far as I know, mung beans are popular in Southeast Asia. In Japan, people use mung beans and kidney beans rather than azuki beans in Okinawa. But in the rest of Japan, people use azuki beans rather than mung beans and kidney beans. I think most Japanese use mung beans as sprouts or an ingredient in vermicelli. But mung beans have an antipyretic effect. And Japanese mugwort cleanses our blood. Agar cleanses our bowels. And Japanese plum is known as a metaphorical doctor.

Out of season weather gives us an opportunity to get back in touch with our cultural wisdom and reselect how we live. Let’s reselect an earth-recovering life together!